KEF’s pre-Chanuka party took place with over 220 family members participating at the Stevenage Leisure Park.  The event took place across three venues on the same complex for the different age groups;  360 Soft Play, Hollywood Bowl and Gravity Trampolining. Families were greeted by volunteers to support both their KEF child and their siblings, enabling  parents to enjoy and connect with other KEF parents and the KEF team in a designated area appetising snacks and drinks, knowing all their children were having a fantastic time.  Freshly baked doughnuts arrived just in time to the delight of all the kids and parents, giving everyone their first taste of Chanukah for this year. 

Trustee Danny Fine commented 'It was great to see so many of the families KEF support enjoying all the activities with such dedicated volunteers and feeling so at ease with each other. KEF's family events are something that the whole family look forward to and it offers special opportunities to spend time together in a supportive environment where everyone feels special.'  

Feedback from parents was heartwarming, with one parent encapsulating all the various messages received by commenting “We had such a lovely evening.   It was so relaxing with all the kids taken care of, friends to catch up with and delicious munchies to go with it all of course.  Thank you!  We all really look forward to the KEF events.”   

On Tuesday evening, KEF’s annual Chanukah Gift Sale took place in Head Room in Golders Green.  The event was arranged by the weekly creative club, a programme for girls aged 16+ with a range of physical and learning disabilities. The gift sale was the culmination of months of work by the participants at the creative club, designing and preparing gift items to sell.  This initiative provides a really positive focus and a sense of purpose, developing skills and building confidence through a fun and fulfilling project. We are so grateful to everyone who was able to join and support our participants.   Participants elected to allocate proceeds of the event to Magen David Adom, enabling them to do their part to help with the current situation in Israel.