KEF's residential holiday respite camps provide the parents and families with vital respite and a chance to regain their energy. The children and young adults are provided with a holiday filled with an exciting programme in a warm and loving environment. Our dedicated, experienced, and trained volunteers and medical team ensure that all care and medical needs are catered for and their health and wellbeing is our priority.  

KEF Summer 2023 camp in numbers:  

  • 92 children and young adults attended our summer residential camps 

  • 300+ hours of respite care per child  

  • 7 divisions for the varied age groups and abilities 

  • 175 volunteers 

  • 500+ immediate family members benefited 

Feedback we received from parents: 

  • “We had such an amazing break and managed to go to away together which we would not have done if not for KEF. No words are enough to thank you all!” 

  • “He’s a boy of few words but he’s been walking round with his link book ever since we’ve been home. I think that speaks volumes!”  

  • “He came home a different child; he has been more calm and so happy!! The environment is a place where he flourishes and thrives, and we literally see it! We are so grateful for KEF!”