Whoever enters the bubble of a KEF residential camp immediately becomes part of the miracle that is KEF.   Over 70 campers benefitted from our winter residential scheme and thrived in the magical KEF environment.  As in all KEF programmes, smiles, laughter and love penetrated the entire residential site – and this is due to all our KEF volunteers, who always pour their hearts and souls into KEF and make it the happiest place on earth. 

KEF is truly a lifechanging experience for all its volunteers – to quote feedback from a staff member:  “Camp truly keeps me going throughout the year… I genuinely feel that KEF has made me into a better person”.   General volunteer feedback is that personal gains are tremendous - increasing self-esteem, a strong sense of fulfillment and greater sense of social responsibility. Volunteers are often able to transfer their unique experiences at KEF to their personal and professional lives.   Our volunteers are the heartbeat of KEF and enable us to provide so much support for the children and their families. We have over 550 active volunteers with over 200 volunteering on a weekly basis. 

 No matter what position they occupy, the staff members at KEF residentials feel privileged to spend their holiday at KEF – it is not only the the happiest place in the world for the campers who attend but also for every single staff member. 

From the moment of departure, campers across all divisions enjoyed a packed programme of activities and outings that were carefully designed to be appropriate for the various abilities of participants.  On-site entertainers, daily outings and a concert with Eli Tamir and Leib Roberts kept the camp buzzing, with on-site swimming, sensory room, activities and inflatables to ensure that there was something for everyone.    

Families of participants were able to benefit from a full week of respite and spend quality time with other family members, confident in the care that their children were receiving from KEF.  Daily feedback in the form of photos and videos meant they were able to share in the magic that is KEF and see for themselves how much their children are thriving in the KEF environment. 

KEF is so grateful to its fantastic medical team, catering team, site and catering managers – and especially to our 160 volunteers, led by an outstanding experienced team of heads and division heads, who generously dedicated their hearts – and their winter break to the children and young adults of KEF.