KEF was founded in 2006 and has grown from just 4 children to servicing over 100 children and young adults with various special needs across the UK. As KEF has grown, so has our shortfall! Seven years ago, a group of six men volunteered to fundraise for KEF on Purim and the MONKEEZ were born! They have become a much-loved and welcome entertainment at group parties, and donors’ responses have been heartwarming. When they saw the level of commitment that the community was showing, this inspired Motti Stimler, one of the founder “Monkeez” to take fundraising for KEF to another level, and open it to the entire community in the form of a sponsored Bikeathon. The response was phenomenal and Bike4Kef has evolved into a much anticipated and compulsory yearly occurrence for a growing number of participants and supporters!

Bike4Kef 2014 raised over £141,135.00 with 75 riders.
Bike4Kef 2015 raised £276,923.00 with 117 riders.
Bike4Kef 2016 raised £377,987.00 with 140 riders.
Bike4Kef 2017 raised £428,355.00 with 136 riders.
Bike4Kef 2018 raised £553,310.00 with 179 riders.
Bike4Kef 2019 raised £638,510.00 with 190 riders.

Setting this year’s target at £750,000.00, we aim to continue the momentum of upward growth that this exciting project has enjoyed thus far, both in terms of funds raised, and in terms of participants. This year, Kef’s respite support for parents is more crucial than ever. Kef has had to find innovative ways to support families during lockdown, providing activity packages, guidance and care - all from a distance.   Working in different ways puts an even larger strain on Kef’s budget - and the funds from Bike4Kef have always been Kef’s main source of income.   Our Bike4Kef riders are our ambassadors - and this year every rider’s commitment to reach and surpass their individual goals will be even more important.   We anticipate maximum participation and appreciate all your efforts!