If you are considering joining BIKE4KEF , you must be:

• Male, and over 18 yrs old
• Fit enough to cycle a 100km route
• Healthy and in good shape to ensure your safety throughout the ride
• Well trained and adequately prepared for a full fun day of cycling TRAINING

BIKE4KEF is around 100km or 100 miles in length, depending on your choice, distances that are very difficult to complete in one session without prior training. We strongly recommend participants to ride at least 2-3 times weekly, until you are comfortable riding at least 50-60km.


• BIKE4KEF will provide cycling t-shirts for all participants.
• Padded cycling shorts are recommended.
• Participants must wear a cycling helmet.
• Footwear should be light and comfortable.
• Cycling gloves, seat covers etc – each cyclist should wear as he feels appropriate.
• Water bottles are essential; you will be able to refill at the pitstops along the route.
• A bottle holder must be fitted to the bike.
• Bicycle lights should be used, especially for night-time training.
• Rain-proof jacket

If you intend to carry some essentials with you on your ride, we recommend getting an under-seat bag. Unless you intend to carry a lot, a backpack should be avoided as it will be uncomfortable and slow you down.

What to eat in preparation for the ride

1. Low fat Yogurt with Granola / Porridge with semi skimmed milk / Bowl of Muesli
2. Drink 500ml before Starting
3. NO Energy Gel before
4. A Cereal Bar (30g) + 500ml Water every 45-60min of the ride
5. After Finish, 500ml of Lucozade Sport or fruit Juice within 20min

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Whilst Cycling:

Keep your head up and focus on a point some way down the road
Engage your core muscles and still upper body
Make use of your Legs and Glutes by holding aerodynamic position
Focus only on the End Line and people waiting to cheer you!

General Cycling Information:

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Training and preparing for the ride:

What to take with you on the ride: