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Dear Friend,

over the last few years I have witnessed some of the amazing work that KEF does for Jewish families who come weekly to them desperate and asking for a much needed few hours of respite from caring for family members with physical and learning disabilities. KEF provides out of school activities, as well as many trips including summer and winter sleep-away camps. In order to provide this excellent help KEF needs funds and one of their excellent fundraising initiative is the KEF bike ride - a challenging 100km - which I have signed up for! In order to take part I need to raise a minimum of £1250, anything you can sponsor me to help reach  that minimum target would be greatly appreciated.

Eliezer Weston


This rider hasnt ridden before
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£10.00 23/09/2020 Anonymous
£45.00 20/07/2020 Natasha Michaels
£45.00 19/07/2020 David Pearl
£10.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous
£12.50 17/07/2020 Hannah Lowinger Good luck Eliezer!
£10.00 16/07/2020 Philip Goldberg Good Luck Mate!!! Cycle like the wind!
£18.00 13/07/2020 Jonathan Dryer
£108.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous
£10.00 28/06/2020 Gary Lauer Wishing you every success, Eliazer
£100.00 21/06/2020 Shmuli Dony Great Job Eliezer!
£180.00 21/06/2020 Anonymous Wow! Amazing Eliezer...!
£99.06 21/06/2020 Mark Hurst Hatzlacha. Amazing charity. Well done to you.
£62.50 21/06/2020 Anonymous
£62.50 19/06/2020 Anonymous Hatzlacha rabba!
£36.00 19/06/2020 Anonymous Good luck. Its's a good cause
£12.50 18/06/2020 Claude Vecht-Wolf Good luck Eliezer!
£18.00 18/06/2020 Avromi Hirsch Try to keep up with me!!
£26.00 18/06/2020 Robert Sassoon
£100.00 18/06/2020 JONATHAN ROWE
£62.50 17/06/2020 Anonymous
£36.00 16/06/2020 Adrian Kelaty
£50.00 16/06/2020 Anonymous Hatzlocho Eliezer
£108.00 16/06/2020 Charles Pascoe Hatzlacha Rabba Eliezer!
£6.25 15/06/2020 Eitan Cohn
£18.00 15/06/2020 Kevin Lazarus Good luck!
£36.00 15/06/2020 Heather Marchant A great challenge and a great cause. Well done Eliezer.!
£125.00 15/06/2020 Iain Donaldson I admire you doing this for a great cause. I wish you every success.
£125.00 15/06/2020 Jonathan Marriott Great effort for a great cause. Best of luck.
£36.00 15/06/2020 Madeleine Estrin Good luck to our first grandson!
£36.00 15/06/2020 Jimmy Weston Good luck Eliezer and well done for taking this on!
£37.50 11/06/2020 Talia Scholar Good luck!
£36.00 10/06/2020 Jeremy Rees Hatzlocho
£22.50 09/06/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 09/06/2020 Anonymous Hatzlacha Eliezer!
£22.50 09/06/2020 David Estrin Good luck
£10.00 09/06/2020 Anonymous Go for it!
£20.00 09/06/2020 Anonymous WELL DONE ELIEZER!!
Good Luck!
£10.00 09/06/2020 Gavriel Cohn We'll done!
£25.00 08/06/2020 Shlomo Hodges good luck mate
£12.50 08/06/2020 Shimon Shaerf