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KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

I have taken part in 3 camps and I really enjoyed every bit of them. Kef is an amazing organisation and I would be really grateful if you can sponsor me.

Thank you

Shua friedlander


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£20.00 01/08/2020 Giovanna Lorusso
£150.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous in honour of an amazing Kef counsellor!!
Well done, we are so proud of you!!
£25.00 19/07/2020 Janice Buckley Very well done Shua!
£36.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous Hatzlocho
£10.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous Well done! Love your cousins
£10.00 19/07/2020 Joseph Friedlander Good luck Shua!
£50.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous Lots of luck!
Your cousins in Petach Tikva.
£18.00 19/07/2020 Dovid Tzvi and Chaya Josovic
£22.50 19/07/2020 Racheli and Sruli Kaye
£18.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous
£10.00 19/07/2020 Solomon Hus
£10.00 18/07/2020 b salzman Hatzlocho
£10.00 18/07/2020 Tolly Rose To our personal shopper. You deserve this tip! Hatzlocho
£30.00 18/07/2020 Motti Rosenblum Cheers for all the training
£18.00 17/07/2020 Anonymous Hatzlocho commar exclamation mark smiley face full stop kcuby
£12.50 17/07/2020 G & T That helmet throw got them girls runninnnn
£225.00 16/07/2020 Marc Samuels With Mazel
£18.00 16/07/2020 Moishe Lisser Hatzlocho raboh proud of u
£118.00 16/07/2020 Kef Office Matched funds - well done!
£18.00 16/07/2020 Arnie Meyers Good luck!
£100.00 16/07/2020 Dad and Mum Good luck
£5.00 15/07/2020 Anonymous Great perseverence and stamina!
Don't stop here...
£36.00 15/07/2020 Hertzka Friedlander
£10.00 14/07/2020 Anonymous The more the better!
£25.00 14/07/2020 Anonymous Now your a real keffer!!
£36.00 14/07/2020 Shmulik Halpern Good luck for the ride! Love Nuchi
£18.00 13/07/2020 Anonymous Rabbi Shua Shlita

A man of many talents.
£50.00 13/07/2020 Leiby Waldman
£36.00 13/07/2020 Lazer Friedlander Only for the best!!
£15.00 13/07/2020 Anonymous Shua hatzlacha rabbah
Maybe you can do some deliveries to madia vale on your practice runs

Hatzlacha rabba in everything you do
£50.00 12/07/2020 Rebecca Friedlander Hatzlocha!
£62.50 12/07/2020 Teri Grossnass You’ll get more if you give us a tivuch of you know what...!
£25.00 10/07/2020 Moishe and Dini Hirsch Good luck Shua !!!
£25.00 09/07/2020 Family Josovic Hatzlocho
£36.00 07/07/2020 Bunim De Vries For my once upon dearest and best chavrusa!!
Good luck
And make sure to start the ride little earlier then when we started seder😘😘
£18.00 03/07/2020 Yackov Rubin Best of luck boychick!
£10.00 03/07/2020 David Bassous #EX-nezerboy


£22.50 01/07/2020 Anonymous Amazing!!! Keep going!!
£18.00 30/06/2020 moti Friedlander
£500.00 29/06/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 29/06/2020 Anonymous הצלחה רבה
£36.00 29/06/2020 Anonymous I’m happy if I manage 1km. This is an awesome goal for an awesome organisation and thank you for including us in your fundraising. Much hatzlocha
£36.00 29/06/2020 Malky and Yankie Ostreicher Good luck Shua
£50.00 28/06/2020 Anthony Posner
£18.00 26/06/2020 Anonymous הצלחה רבה
£36.00 22/06/2020 Anonymous We need you in 'step up' camp
£3.79 19/06/2020 Anonymous
£19.99 19/06/2020 Yonah Leitner what a haircut!!!!!!!!
£20.00 17/06/2020 David Rose Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't complain that I didn't give you a birthday present this year.

£18.00 17/06/2020 Shuli Bloch Best of luck shua!!
£5.00 17/06/2020 Yehuda Bolel Hatzlocha!
£5.00 17/06/2020 Yoni Rosenthal Good luck shua!!!
£36.00 12/06/2020 Danny Markovic I know your super fit but time to start training 😜
£12.50 11/06/2020 Moshe De Vries Glad to see your not being so lazy😘
£5.00 11/06/2020 Chaim Friedlander Keep going bro