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KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

Having grown up spending many of my holidays in kef camps being run by my incredible parents, I feel that I can truly say that the work done by KEF is outstanding. 

So please, click the donate button and pop something on, whatever you can. 

Regards, Gavi. 


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£150.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous in honour of an amazing Kef counsellor!!
Well done, we are so proud of you!!
£5.00 19/07/2020 Yehuda Wittenberg
£18.00 19/07/2020 Amos WIttenberg Extra encouragement
£22.50 19/07/2020 Racheli and Sruli Kaye
£10.00 18/07/2020 Anonymous Good luck Gavi. From your favourite chazan.
£18.00 17/07/2020 Shloime Steinberg Lippy is looking for a shtif zin
£5.00 17/07/2020 Anonymous Hazlocho! Meir
£36.00 17/07/2020 Charles Dick
£3.00 17/07/2020 Dudi Wittenberg To my FAVOURITE brother!!
£12.00 16/07/2020 Bracha Teller Well done! Bracha Teller
£225.00 16/07/2020 Kef Office Matched funds - well done!
£5.00 16/07/2020 Chaim Steinberg
£100.00 16/07/2020 Danny Fine Good on you per your text i hope a certain part of your body does not get too sore!
£50.00 16/07/2020 Maurice Wiesenfeld Good luck Gavi!
£10.00 16/07/2020 S & P Wiesenfeld Hatzlacha in all that you do ALWAYS!!!
£10.00 16/07/2020 Eli Shapiro
£50.00 16/07/2020 Henrietta Wiesenfeld Best of luck and lots of love from Safta
£36.00 16/07/2020 Eli Rosenthal To the best chavrusah around!!!
£3.00 15/07/2020 Michelle Wittenberg need to get u to target somehow!!

Shelley, channi n mum xx
£18.00 15/07/2020 Shragi Deblinger #Carrotti
£24.00 15/07/2020 Jonathan Teller Good luck from Jonathan and Roslyn
£18.00 15/07/2020 Bertie Heckscher
£72.00 15/07/2020 Daniel Klein To the funniest guy in MGS (sorry Chaim)...but still way behind you-know-who in Hasmo...
£36.00 15/07/2020 asher SEBBAG hatzlocho.
£18.00 14/07/2020 Eli Erlanger Your a brave man, keep on peddling. good luck!!!
£10.00 14/07/2020 Jake Forman Well done Gavi! Another £10 if you beat me to the finish line...
£180.00 14/07/2020 Shmulik Halpern Good luck for the ride! Love Nuchi
£5.00 13/07/2020 Naftoli Kagan hatzlocha!!!
£8.00 13/07/2020 Shragi & Chani Roberts Bizchus Noshim Tzidkoniois, for Uncle Gavi! Good luck
£36.00 13/07/2020 Yitschok Mett This has got to be worth a few minchas....
£50.00 13/07/2020 Amos WIttenberg wow gavi! so proud! Opa
£10.00 13/07/2020 Ari & Shoshi So proud!
£5.00 13/07/2020 Yisroel Jacobs Go Gavi
£3.00 12/07/2020 Yisroel Monderer 18x18=324
just because you wanted to see those numbers on your page
£36.00 12/07/2020 sara wittenberg Hatzlochoh Rabboh & as always, very proud of you ! Oma
£50.00 12/07/2020 Lippy Brenig For always being there to help out with Mincha!!
£75.00 12/07/2020 yankey wiesenfeld To our Grandson Gavi,
We are so proud of you!
Bubby and Zaidy
£5.00 09/07/2020 Anonymous
£30.00 09/07/2020 Mordechai Keet
£10.00 09/07/2020 Shmuel Davidsohn Always happy to support a good old Chaverim boy
£18.00 09/07/2020 Avrumi Wiesenfeld Just think how much i would have donated if i liked you.
£10.00 08/07/2020 Mordechai Roth truely amazing!
£5.00 08/07/2020 Yy Spector To my great friend hamelech!! You absolute legend!! Good luck!!
£5.00 06/07/2020 Your Majesty King Yitzi Wittenberg of the U.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wittenberg Go on Yechi Hamelech Gwitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£10.00 06/07/2020 uncle d Gavi -the best riding partner! if you can ride 60km you can ride 100km ( and if you can raise £10 you can raise £1000)
£500.00 05/07/2020 Anonymous