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KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£62.00 07/06/2021 ChayaLeah Nebenzahl Moishe, we are tremendously proud of your persistence, stamina, enthusiasm and devotion to KEF. Continue in this positive way throughout your life. Love from Savta, Yerushalayim
£18.00 06/06/2021 Devorah Grynhaus We love when you visit!
fly along!!!!!!!!
love Yehuda, Elozor, sari,Shloimi
£10.00 04/06/2021 SD Wittler Moishe, you are amazing! You have worked so hard for this ride and really shown what you can acheive with your willpower! Wishing you so much success with everything! We love you!
£10.00 04/06/2021 Moishe Cohen Good luck moish
£6.00 03/06/2021 Moishe Gruner Good luck!

You can do it!!!
£6.00 03/06/2021 YOEL COHEN
£3.00 03/06/2021 Shloime Salomon
£6.25 03/06/2021 Stewart Prince Smash it Moishe, and have a great day.
£25.00 03/06/2021 Lawrence O'halleron Good luck and enjoy.
£8.00 02/06/2021 Your baby Sister Brother im cheering you on from far!
Enjoy it:)
£18.00 01/06/2021 Dean Laing
£22.50 30/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocha Rabo Moshe - just to push you a bit higher and thank you for being a great friend!!
£36.00 27/05/2021 Avrohom Moshe Rabinowitz
£36.00 12/05/2021 Zali Fordsham In admiration of my dear friend 'THE MOISH!'
You put your mind to it AND DID IT! Hatzlach Rabba!
£25.00 10/05/2021 Prince and Princess Thanks for being such a great neighbour!!
£50.00 10/05/2021 Zevi and Avital Sandler Moishe what a legend!!! This is for always being such an outstanding, real and truly special friend!!! Always caring for everyone!!! Good luck with the ride!!
£18.00 09/05/2021 Alexander Wittler Go Moshe Go!!! Best regards...
£54.00 09/05/2021 E M Zimmer Wish you much Hatzlocho and Brocho
£5.00 06/05/2021 Zvi Ellinson הצלחה רבה
£10.00 04/05/2021 Moshe Schleider Wow nearly there!!!
£18.00 04/05/2021 Dovid Moscovitch Hatzlocho
£10.00 03/05/2021 Anonymous Moishe your truly the BEST!!
£7.00 03/05/2021 Anonymous Just another small push big bro!!😊
It's incredible how much you've raised so far just a little further you'll make it!!!
£7.00 03/05/2021 Nosson Dominitz Make us proud!
£5.00 03/05/2021 Eli Grunewald
£18.00 03/05/2021 Klonimus Kalman Wesselburger
£18.18 03/05/2021 Yossi Elzas Hatzlocho Moish keep pedaling on!
£10.00 03/05/2021 Isaac Znamirowski To Moishe the legend Galendaur
£12.50 03/05/2021 Yitzhok Russell Hatzlocho Moishe!
£10.00 03/05/2021 Anonymous So impressed that you have taken this on
£36.00 03/05/2021 Avrohom Feingold
£18.00 03/05/2021 Shua Loebenstein Wow! So proud to be part of this! Keep going! You're amazing!
£10.00 02/05/2021 Yitzchak Ginsberg keep going !
£10.00 02/05/2021 Aryeh Itzinger Go moshe!
£18.00 02/05/2021 T and S Trust Fund T and S Trust Fund Moishe you are the best. Keep going and make us all proud
£10.00 02/05/2021 Yossi Ruskin Moshe we are cheering you on all the way!
Well done
£12.50 02/05/2021 Anonymous Had to come back for more Moishe - because its you asking! (Nothing to do with the whiskey.. Ahem..)
£10.00 02/05/2021 Anonymous
£10.00 02/05/2021 Esti Feldman Hatzlocho!
£10.00 02/05/2021 Moishe Schwinger
£18.00 02/05/2021 Akiva Fordsham For our dear Moishe! of course I’ll sponsor you!! Keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
£5.00 02/05/2021 Anonymous Dear smiley neighbour!
£18.00 02/05/2021 YOSSI luDZKER
£10.00 02/05/2021 Elya Cope Go Moish Go
£10.00 02/05/2021 Anonymous Keep up the fantastic work hopefully i’ll be able to catch you up next time we go riding👍
£18.00 02/05/2021 Avrohom Galandauer For my favourite cousin
£10.00 30/04/2021 Motty Simmonds Well done!
£10.00 29/04/2021 Anonymous
£10.00 29/04/2021 Anonymous Wow bro!!!!!!your incredible!!!!your determination is unbelievable!!!cheering u on..
£22.50 28/04/2021 A Me Great seeing you on your bike
£20.00 28/04/2021 Naftoli Trepp Keep up your amazing work, Moshe!
£7.50 26/04/2021 Moshe Rokach Can I have the whiskey now.
£18.00 26/04/2021 Ephraim serfaty Moshe
as it's good to see you so positive.
£7.00 26/04/2021 K Steiner Just to get in the raffle go on moish
£17.50 26/04/2021 Yitzi Kramar Good luck
£50.00 26/04/2021 Meir Simcha Pruim Moshe, there's too much to write but thanks for being the greatest friend!! All our bit rides together and everything else in between
£7.00 26/04/2021 Shloime Lobenstein i like your whole bike beside for your bottle thing-(coz i dont have the same).
love Shloime

ps. needed to win this whisky... for when you eat by us for shabbos;}
£4.00 26/04/2021 Yudit Lobenstein i love it when you come have supper with us!
love Yudit
£4.00 26/04/2021 Sara Lobenstein for my favorite uncle!!!
your a top rider
love Sara
£7.00 26/04/2021 Anonymous We will go eventually!!
£18.00 26/04/2021 The BBQ Boys We are so jealous of you
£36.00 26/04/2021 Dudi Tangi
£22.50 25/04/2021 Toli Elzas Moishe you're the best! You're amazing you keep pushing yourself year after year! Thanks for continuing to be such a good friend even though we're no longer neighbours.... Missing you.. Toli
£4.00 25/04/2021 Yoel Cohen
£10.00 25/04/2021 SD Wittler Got to be in it for the Whiskey so here's another donation. Ur the best!!
£10.00 25/04/2021 Chaim spitzer I worry all this practice will.make you refuse a lift next time!!
Then again if I win the whiskey not sure you gonna want a lift!
£65.00 24/04/2021 Daddy & Mummy Galandauer Moshe WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!
Not just for this ride :) :) :)
We love you!
£22.50 23/04/2021 Anonymous Great Work Moishe - reaching for the stars again! ;)
£5.00 22/04/2021 Yechiel Stepsky Keep up the good work!!
£11.00 22/04/2021 Keep Going Bro!!! Cheering you on brother!!!!!!!
As long as you'll still ride slowly when Im back😁😃
£18.00 21/04/2021 Pinchas Zimmer
£10.00 21/04/2021 Moshe Rokach Hi Moshe,
Good luck with the bike ride!
£10.00 20/04/2021 Moshe Schleider Moshe you are amazing for doing this!
Will they let you rollerblade the route?
£5.00 20/04/2021 Aaron Zobin
£18.00 19/04/2021 Michael Kramar To our very dear nephew Moshe, we're so glad to support your efforts for this wonderful organisation! Michael and Debbie
£45.00 19/04/2021 Anonymous For my best cousin
Enjoy your ride
£10.00 19/04/2021 Shloime Spitzer We are all rooting for you
Good luck
£10.00 19/04/2021 Naftoli Lobenstein MOISHE!!!
with your neon gear
here we cheer
wizzing past as if your a car
thats the way you'll go far

£5.00 19/04/2021 Joseph Adam Moshe... You can do it... Looking forward to your 50k ride soon
£50.00 19/04/2021 Eliezer Halberstadt Increbile - Keep Going Moshe
£18.00 19/04/2021 Ezriel Moscovitch U r tops moishe! We beileive in u!
£10.00 18/04/2021 Solomon Mannes Moishe always ahead of the game and ready to help others

£10.00 18/04/2021 Avrumi H Wow! Hatzlocho
£18.00 18/04/2021 Josh Freudiger
£18.00 18/04/2021 SD Wittler Moshe, ur amazing!! Go do it!!! We love you!!! :-)
£20.00 18/04/2021 Chayaleah Galandauernebenzahl Moishe, we're so proud of you! Best wishes to KEF who do magnificent work.
£36.00 18/04/2021 Matti Cohen Good luck u r going to smash it
£10.00 18/04/2021 Eli Steinberg #wednesdaynight# we believe in you go Moish go
£5.00 18/04/2021 Asher Yotza Good Man Moish
£10.00 18/04/2021 K Steiner Moish you can do it!!

# Wednesday night
£10.00 18/04/2021 Anonymous Go moish go moish #wednesdaynight
£5.00 18/04/2021 Anonymous Go on moish just to get you started.