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We are a team of proud staff and volunteers at KEF who are very passionate about the vital work of KEF and feel privileged to be involved. 

We see the enormous toll that it takes on families who have a child with a disability and we witness on a daily basis the benefits of KEF’s services.  

The feedback that we receive from parents speaks volumes about its impact. Parents are constantly telling us that they simply cannot imagine their lives without KEF, describing KEF as their ‘lifeline’ - a haven from the storm. 

The demand for our services grows each year and so does the breadth of our service provision in order to provide holistic support to the children and their families. 

This Sunday 6th June is our annual fundrasiser - please help us reach our target of £750,000. These funds are crucial to enabling KEF to continue to provide vital support to over 100 families within our community. 

We are asking for your help to donate to our team page supporting BIKE4KEF. Any amount big or small will be so appreciated. 

Thank you for your support


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£100.00 23/06/2021 Anonymous
£180.00 23/06/2021 Anonymous
£22.50 11/06/2021 Anonymous Great cause xx
£50.00 08/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 07/06/2021 Deanne & Dovi Heller Keep up all your amazing work at kef x
£10.00 07/06/2021 Avram Hibbert In honour of Ashira!!!
£180.00 07/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 07/06/2021 Chayele Einhorn
£180.00 07/06/2021 Shani Mirwis
£18.00 06/06/2021 Naphtaly & Michal Stamler
£5.00 06/06/2021 Judy Heller To Shiri, Devora, Devora, Chasya and Chaya...the BEST afternoon crew!!! You are amazing!!!
£18.00 06/06/2021 Tami Levy
£22.50 06/06/2021 Sammy Korc
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of the most beloved Gitty Benjamin (Olsberg)!
KEF is lucky to have you as part of their team :-)
£55.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£125.00 06/06/2021 Gila Liebert Refuah Shleyma Lieba Rochel Bas Fruma Chasya
£10.00 06/06/2021 Adina Guttentag Orli and all the kef team YOU are my heros. Love to you all xxx
£10.00 06/06/2021 Esther Leitner
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£25.00 06/06/2021 sara kachani Keep up all your amazing work for Kef Ashira!! Xxx
£10.00 06/06/2021 Gila Sandler Ashira you are a role model to us all!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!! Lots of love
£125.00 06/06/2021 Gila Gelley Love KEF!!!
£18.00 06/06/2021 Liora Herman For Mira and Bex! Xx
£180.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Well done Adina and team - an inspiration and help to so many............
£22.50 06/06/2021 Heidi Louis Ashira Hibbert you are amazing with all your hard work and dedication to Kef.
Kol Hakavod
Richard & Heidi Louis
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Gelly! How in the world would Kef manage without you?
The Ashky's
£10.00 06/06/2021 shulamit olsberg KEF are lucky to have you as part of their team Ashira x
£100.00 06/06/2021 David Hibbert In honour of our dear daughter Ashira who has impressed us for so many years with her dedication to & hard work for KEF.
£225.00 06/06/2021 Ashira Hibbert In Honour of the two most incredible, dedicated and hard working heads!! RIVKA AND ADINA YOU ARE AMAZING!! Kol hqkqvod for all the work! Xx
£22.50 06/06/2021 Akiva and avital Bitan Well done to all the Kef team!! Sending so much love! ❤️ Avital xx
£50.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous We love KEF!!
£180.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of Ashira who does so much for so many xx
£50.00 06/06/2021 Mikey and Rashi Kahan
£10.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£1,000.00 06/06/2021 Schreiber Charitable Trust
£18.00 06/06/2021 Batya Zaiden this donation is in honour of.... u know who u r;);)
£50.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Hatzlochoh Rivka!
£18.00 06/06/2021 Abi Abraham Good luck Rachelli!!
£50.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Behatzlacha to all the riders!!!
£36.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous For our Fab sister/in law Ashira Hibbert for all the tremendous work you do. we are very proud and impressed. keep it up.
£10.00 06/06/2021 Esti Elzas DeVORA this was risk assesst for a individual donation !!!! Keep the team going while im not there in the summer
£36.00 06/06/2021 Esti Elzas Keep up ur gr8 work Shiri and all the senior managment @ kef Adina Rivka !!!!!
£187.50 06/06/2021 Avi Libbert Rikki kasmir
£50.00 06/06/2021 Berele & Tammy Morris
£180.00 06/06/2021 Dov & Debbie Black So proud of you Ariella for your hard work and dedication to this amazing cause
£45.00 06/06/2021 Lyna Tahan To Avigayil and all the wonderful Kef team. Thank you for all the love support and guidance you give the children at Kef, may you always have the means to do so. Wishing you all an enjoyable and memorable bike ride! X
£45.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of Rivka Gelley
£50.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous To the most incredible and dedicated team out there!!!
£225.00 06/06/2021 Harlan Zimmerman Well done, Team KEF, for your wonderful efforts!
£5.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£50.00 06/06/2021 Yael Forta For an unreal team!! X
£22.50 06/06/2021 Tamar Goldwater For Adina, in awe of the fabulous work you do for much love xx
£18.75 06/06/2021 Anonymous Adina - In admiration of all that you do for KEF!
£50.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous In awe of Rara’s devotion to KEF!!!
£18.75 06/06/2021 Anonymous devorah and shiri, ur the best!!
£5.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Borris, my eyes are peeled, doctors lawyers, accountants, keep kef VIBINGG @theflamingocostumes. Rivka, no words a role model on so many fronts.
£10.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£22.50 06/06/2021 Hindy Spitzer
£18.00 06/06/2021 Batsheva Forta To the most incredible team! Keep on doing your amazing work!!
£50.00 06/06/2021 Chaya H For all the amazing kef children and wonderful volunteers. It's a privilege to be a part!
£36.00 06/06/2021 Mira Josephs Such an honour to be a part of this wonderful team for such an incredible organisation!!
£10.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous To the incredible Kef team, thanks for all you do!
£36.00 06/06/2021 Eli Arbib For all the heads that make Kef the best place to be!!! Hatzlacha!
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of Adina whose incredible dedication to giving and chessed is unparalleled!
£8.75 06/06/2021 Anonymous For Rachelli D
£15.00 06/06/2021 Sari Ringer To the amazing KEF team! In honour of Michal! THANKYOU FOR ALL YOU DO!
£18.00 05/06/2021 Teri F In honour of the DREAM TEAM!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
You guys are unreal!! Iykuk xxx
£36.00 05/06/2021 Anonymous
£93.75 05/06/2021 Shana Gelley
£62.50 05/06/2021 Anonymous Adina you are an inspiration to us all!! Thank you.
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous To the entire indefatigable KEF team who work tirelessly behind the scenes providing constant support to kids and their families - always with a smile! It's been a privilege to be a part of KEFs journey! Keep being amazing!
£18.00 04/06/2021 Nina Rosenfield Well done for all the amazing work you do!!! Best of luck! Xxx
£36.00 04/06/2021 Alexander Benjamin For our dear daughter in law Gitti Benjamin. We are so proud of you, keep up all your amazing work.
Papa & Mama
£68.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous "MICHAL ROCKS! THANK U KEF FOR ALL U DO"
£50.00 04/06/2021 Aurelia Hodes Congrats on all the amazing work that you do! Xx
£22.50 04/06/2021 Ruchama Freeman KEF staff = unparalleled dedication you won't find anywhere else!! Missing you all so much!
£75.00 04/06/2021 Faigy Spitzer KEF! My favourite organisation!!
£18.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous For Michal! the most amazing person!!
£18.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous
£10.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous
£180.00 04/06/2021 Shmulik Halpern With great appreciation for putting Kef on its feet.
Next year on your bikes
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous
£25.00 04/06/2021 Nomi Moos Much Hatzlache :)
£36.00 04/06/2021 Chava Zamoire Michal - we duimen voor jou :) xx Chava
£26.00 04/06/2021 Yitzy Lerner Wish we could give you more, hugely grateful and appreciative! Gella's family
£10.00 04/06/2021 Reuben Eckstein For gitty Benjamin! I happy you joined our family.
£18.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous To all the incredible volunteers, and to my bosses over the years - Adina Racheli Rivka Raisie Michal
With immense respect and admiration
£10.00 04/06/2021 Dina Rosenfield
£40.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of Ariella, Adina and Bex for all the amazing work you do for KEF. YOURE INCRED XXXX
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of all of Adina's hard work
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous Dearest shana
WOW you inspire so many with all that you do.. Keep up all your amazing work xx
£100.00 04/06/2021 Michal Elevitsky In honour of the dream team and all the amazing staff at kef!!!
Adina and Rivka you guys are just incredible!!!!
£125.00 04/06/2021 Michal Chody Your dedication to Kef is inspirational!
£360.00 04/06/2021 Josh Morris So proud of you Adina!
£18.00 04/06/2021 Harrods Ltd. In honour of Rebecca Bornstein - glad to see you've signed up. Can't wait to see you with your bike, helmet, kneepads.....and of course the walkie talkie
£18.00 04/06/2021 Selfridges And Co In honour of Adina and Rivka for the incredible work you do for Kef - day and night!! You’re inspirations to so many! Hope you’ve got your helmets and bikes ready
£36.00 04/06/2021 PINI & TOBY AND FAMILY ROSENBLUM To all the incredible KEF staff and volunteers


We can’t wait for camp!!

Lots of love ❤️

£10.00 04/06/2021 Rusty Leitner It’s time to start making shidduchim😜
£10.00 04/06/2021 Ruchel Pollak Lots of hatzlocha chaya in all the great stuff that you do.
£18.00 04/06/2021 Shimmy and Yael Rubin In admiration of Ariella and all that she does for KEF and beyond
£50.00 04/06/2021 Ari & Shoshi The Heartbeat of KEF! You know who you are...
£250.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of Adina who won't settle on anything less than the absolute best for the children, families and volunteers of KEF!! You go above and beyond in everything you do with humility and dedication xxx
£200.00 04/06/2021 Rivka Gelley In honour of all the incredible staff, volunteers and children at KEF! Proud and grateful to be a part!!
£36.00 04/06/2021 Eliana Morris In honour of Adina - in awe of all the time and effor you dedicate to Kef. Proud to be part of such an amazing organisation! Also in appreciation of the outstanding social media manager.
£100.00 03/06/2021 Danny Fine We are lucky to have such an amazingly dedicated team , truly awe inspiring!
£100.00 03/06/2021 RARA Denderowicz A privilege to be a part of this organisation and to work with such phenomenal heads and counsellors!!
£45.00 03/06/2021 Rachel Denderowicz
£36.00 03/06/2021 Goldie Benedikt For all my delicious KEF kids! I'm going to miss you sooooo much this summer! Have the bestest time and can't wait to hear all about it afterwards! Love you loads!
£200.00 03/06/2021 Sarie Curtis To the most amazing Kef team!
£40.00 03/06/2021 Ariel and Leora Finn In honour of an incredible team and incredible sisters! Hatzlocho!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Talya Landau In honour of Adina and all the amazing work she does for KEF!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Ariella Black It is an honour to be a part of such an incredible organisation!
£40.00 03/06/2021 Suri Feldman Chaya keep up your hard work!

£100.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous So so honoured to be involved in the most incredible organisation! Shout out to Adina and Riva who are available 24/7!!
£36.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£30.00 03/06/2021 Y L Gitty, for you!
£1,000.00 03/06/2021 Adina Morris It is a privilege working alongside the most incredibly dedicated team! In honour of Shelley, Channi, Michal, Ariella, Tika & Shoshana, our wonderful programme & camp heads and our hundreds of devoted and caring volunteers - you are the heartbeat of KEF! Thank you thank you thank you!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Rebecca Bornstein Honoured to be a part of this amazing organisation!!
£25.00 03/06/2021 Esther Goldberg For Avigayil who is an inspiration and the best oldest sister ever!
£50.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Proud to support this FAB organisation
£1,000.00 03/06/2021 David Goldberg Avigayil, we are so proud of what you do for Kef!

Ima and Dad
£36.00 03/06/2021 Nechama Friedman
£100.00 03/06/2021 Dalia & Avi Leaf Such a wonderful organisation. You are all amazing x
£45.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£20.00 03/06/2021 Shani Rose Gitti - bc you asked so nicely:)
Good Luck!!
£36.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£200.00 03/06/2021 Gitty Flusberg Michal this is for you, keep up your great work!
£36.00 03/06/2021 Abigail Cohen In honour of Shoshana who always looks out for others. I’m proud to be your cousin xx Avigail
£40.00 03/06/2021 Shani Loebenstein For my awesomest Smelly Cat
£200.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous For an incredible group of staff !!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous In awe of the incredible work that you all do!
£18.00 03/06/2021 Dp S In honour of an unbelievable team, who are incredible asset to this community. We know how much work goes on behind the scenes and we salute you all!!!!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Dina Rose You're all amazing!
£200.00 03/06/2021 David Lopian Wishing Ariella continued success with her hard work for the organisation.
Anne & Dovzi
£18.00 03/06/2021 miri hus in honour of Rivka, who goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for kef
£50.00 03/06/2021 Danny Lopian Good luck x x
£45.00 03/06/2021 Chavi Zwiebel In honour of the incredible people who will quarantine for days just to be in KEF. O - and they'll fundraise too cos...KEF.
£70.00 03/06/2021 Sara Berger
£100.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£180.00 03/06/2021 Marcos Monheit ! תזכו למצוות
£10.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Can't wait to spend a long awaited 2 weeks at camp kef once again - i'm getting my hugs ready!!
Love Rachel H
£36.00 03/06/2021 Adina Rabinowitz Well done Adina for all your amazing work and dedication! KEF is lucky to have you!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Sara Storz In honour of Adina! With love xx
£10.00 03/06/2021 Peri Stern In honour of Hodz message!
£1,000.00 03/06/2021 Moshe Morris In honour of Adina, all the Morris girls and the entire staff's commitment to Kef!
Moshe & Lissie
£50.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Adina continue all your AMAZING work for KEF and beyond!
£18.00 03/06/2021 Esti Wolf Michal, this is for you!
Keep being the baalas chessed you are.. xx
£50.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Adina I will never realise just how much ENdlESS time and care goes in-my respect continues to grow!
£50.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous With so much respect for Rivka Gelley and the endless amounts that you do for Kef
Your hasmo play date
£18.00 02/06/2021 Zvi Gefen To Adina for all your dedication.
£72.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Keep up the amazing work you do empowering each individual!
£10.00 02/06/2021 suri schleider well done Shiri!!!
keep up all your incredible, fantastic chesed!!!
£62.50 02/06/2021 Raphy Goldberg For all the incredible time and energy that Adina gives to Kef!
£18.00 02/06/2021 Izzy Schleider Dear Kef team,
I cant thank you enough for all the good times we've had. I know sometimes I can be a bit grumpy and I need alot of cheering up! But I love you all dearly and cant wait for camp! all my love Izzy
£40.00 02/06/2021 C R In honour of Adina, an incredible person and friend! Keep your Kef Kingdom thriving!
£45.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous To the best Mummy in the world - we are so proud of you!! Love Malka, Chani, Michal, Chaim, Yitzi and Pinpom.
£36.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 02/06/2021 Nadine Margolis You are all amazing!!! Go from strength to strength!
£50.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous To the most incredible devoted team of people I know led by the truest examples of selfless individuals. And the #1... There is just noone like you
£100.00 02/06/2021 Yitzchok Steinhaus Always thrilled to assist

Yitzchok and the team at Bayseven Promotional Marketing
£100.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous To all my best friends at Kef, past and present.

Where would I be without you all in my life.

Love you all XX

£3.75 02/06/2021 anon ymous