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KEF is a London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

This will be the 5th consecutive year that I will be doing the Kef ride, AND HAVE OPTED FOR THE 100 MILE EPIC CHALLENGE.

Prior to the first Kef ride, I was cycling casually with a few friends.  When the idea of the charity ride came up, I was hooked immediately due to the selfless devotion of the volunteers and the absolute joy and pleasure they bring to the kids of Kef by way of days out, weekend retreats, summers and winter camps.  Just imagine Kef would not be there ..... who would provide these priceless moments for these special children.

If you take a moment to browse through some of the pictures, you cannot help but notice the joy and radiant glowing faces of the smiling kids.

With your generous sponsorship, you will be part of those smiles, And add many, many more smiles to these special children.  

I sincerely thank you for the kind sponsor and wish you all the best :-).


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£18.00 09/06/2021 Leiby Friedlander Hope all went well!
£10.00 07/06/2021 Shimon Hirschler Never stop keep on riding
You should be matzliach in all your endeavours
£36.00 07/06/2021 B Weg
£444.00 06/06/2021 Daniel Adler
£72.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 06/06/2021 David Zucker Hatzlocho Rabboh
£100.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Have a great time bro
£10.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous Because I love you!
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous
£26.00 04/06/2021 Yitzy Lerner Wish we could give you more, hugely grateful and appreciative! Gella's family
£10.00 04/06/2021 Chaim Strom
£36.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Keep up your great work. shame i cant join you
£10.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocho
£36.00 03/06/2021 Ben Shipman Truly an inspiration
£10.00 03/06/2021 Shragi Deblinger
£18.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Best of British!
£72.00 01/06/2021 ירמי' הלוי באמבערגער הצלחה רבה
£36.00 01/06/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 23/05/2021 Tulli O
£100.00 14/05/2021 Ed Saleh Hatzlocha, and thank you for helping this wonderful charity
£50.00 10/05/2021 Gitta Mresse Good Luck!
£36.00 05/05/2021 Yechiel Sieradzki Good luck!
£18.00 04/05/2021 Anonymous
£50.00 13/04/2021 Yoel Jacobs hatzlocha rabba
£5.00 09/04/2021 Lollu Hibbert Can't wait to see you in your lycra again!!