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So after a five year break I have signed-up to undertake the huge challenge of a 100km bike ride to raise funds for this incredible charity.  My wife and I have been involved with Kef over the past seven years which included joining and helping with their summer and winter camps and weekend retreats.  We have been privileged to witness the amazing work that Kef does.  From the excitement on the children’s faces it is clear to see these camps are the highlight of their year, and it has been our privilege to be part of the Kef family. 

Kef is a non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens, and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK.  Kef offers after-school and Sunday activities, a weekly swimming club, residential weekends and summer and winter camps.  All monies raised through this exciting, essential venture will help enormously towards covering the rising costs that Kef is facing. 

Thank you so much for your donation!!



Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2015)
Total Amount Raised (2014)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£54.00 23/09/2020 Anonymous
£250.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous to the husband of the BEST KEF NURSE!
£36.00 19/07/2020 Yoni and Dina Golker Hatzlacha!!
£18.00 19/07/2020 Rafi And Talya Masher Well done Zevi!!!
£62.50 19/07/2020 Anonymous Well done Z!!
£12.50 19/07/2020 Doniel Ormonde Go Zeviiiii wooooooo
£50.00 19/07/2020 Avram Kelman M&k Family Charitable Trust
£22.50 19/07/2020 Anonymous Go go go zevi !
£12.50 19/07/2020 Raphy Goldberg
£180.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous
£22.50 19/07/2020 Racheli and Sruli Kaye
£36.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous Hatzlocho Zevi!
£22.50 17/07/2020 Sam Kru Best of luck zevi!
£180.00 17/07/2020 R Noe Hope Vered gives your calves a good massage before and after the ride!
Good luck Partner!!
Gav & Perri
£50.00 17/07/2020 Alan Goldberg Good Luck
£22.50 17/07/2020 Eli Ganz Good luck Zevi!
£90.00 17/07/2020 Benjamin Schimmel
£100.00 16/07/2020 Anonymous Ride safely
£18.00 16/07/2020 Anonymous
£180.00 15/07/2020 Suzy Goldberg Go Zevi!
£36.00 15/07/2020 Anonymous Good luck!!
£18.00 14/07/2020 Elizabeth Nina LE BLANC Hatzlacha!
£18.00 14/07/2020 Daniel ickowicz hatzlocha!
£18.00 08/07/2020 Joseph Goldberg
£50.00 08/07/2020 Anonymous Good Luck Zevi!
T & Y
£180.00 05/07/2020 Anonymous Proud of you x mum and dad
£50.00 05/07/2020 Shlomie Melavsky בהצלחה
£50.00 05/07/2020 Anonymous
£100.00 03/07/2020 Anonymous
£22.50 01/07/2020 Anonymous Good luck!!!
£100.00 28/06/2020 Anonymous
£50.00 22/06/2020 Michael Douek
£180.00 21/06/2020 Anonymous Go Zevs!!!!
£18.00 18/06/2020 Dovid Tugendhaft Hatzlocha R'Zevi!
£50.00 04/06/2020 Anonymous Lerfuas Moshe Michoel Ben Tema Leah
£10.00 15/03/2020 Anonymous Woohoo go Zevs!!🚴🙌
£180.00 24/02/2020 Avi Prager B'hatzlacha! Ayala & Avi
£50.00 24/02/2020 Anonymous Good luck Zevi! Smash it!
£10.00 23/02/2020 David Engelstein Hatslocho Zevi
£100.00 23/02/2020 Anonymous This is because I love you!!! I know you are just doing this for the buffet the night before and the BBQ at the finishing line!!! Xxx J and S