Doron Wise

Welcome to my page







Welcome to my page!

If you're reading this, you must be thinking of sponsoring me, which is already a good start. The question is only how much?

Only you know the answer to that but what price can you put on the smiles of the special Kef kids? Just watch any of the Kef videos and see those faces, hear the joy of the parents at being able to rely on such an organisation to give them much needed help and think of all the volunteers who give up their own time for others who can't help themselves. 

Now I could just sit in my armchair and send out a few emails and whatsapp links to generate a bit of money for Kef and move on. Not sure how much I'd make that way but others seem to manage that way right? Not my friends! I want to EARN this money for Kef. 100km is no easy task and trust me, I've done it twice now and it doesn't get easier with age ;-) It's not just the ride itself either, it's the training for weeks beforehand to get into some kind of shape, the hometime hours spent away from family, the cold late night rides, the sweat, the rain, the odd flat tyre, near accidents with cars... you get the picture. 

Consider the effort us riders are putting in to earn your donations for Kef, we really mean it and we're really working hard for it. Please open your heart to our efforts and most importantly our cause and may the merit of your charitable donation stand by you and your nearest and dearest for a long time to come...

Thanks for reading and (if I haven't put you off yet) thanks for your generosity  



Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Total Amount Raised (2017)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£36.00 27/05/2019 samson merlin KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK
£18.00 27/05/2019 uri neufeld
£9.00 26/05/2019 Zvi Ebert
£100.00 26/05/2019 Yaakov Kritzler
£10.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 26/05/2019 A Y GOLDBERG Hatzlocho
£18.00 26/05/2019 Ed Schwab
£45.00 26/05/2019 Tevy Corman Good luck
£10.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous Doron Doron what can I say

You can do it
£62.50 26/05/2019 Doron Wise
£30.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous
£720.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous לעילוי נשמת: ישעיה יעיש בן אלישע ז״ל
מרים מזל בת שלום ז״ל
£250.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous Good Luck!
£22.50 26/05/2019 Dov Smith
£22.50 26/05/2019 Chaim Greenberg Hatzlocoh Rabboh to a rival fan & a good friend!
£50.00 24/05/2019 James Kritzler Wouldn’t be same ride without you mate!
And I might need someone to push me up the last hill!
£150.00 24/05/2019 Avrumi Rubinfeld בהצלחה
£100.00 24/05/2019 Chaim Braun Much Hatzluche
£50.00 24/05/2019 Prime Cut & Royal Meat Hatzlocho!
£180.00 23/05/2019 Naftali Moskovits
£18.00 23/05/2019 Benny Bindiger Good luck!
£10.00 23/05/2019 Yaakov LANG
£72.00 22/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlucha!!
£100.00 22/05/2019 Chaim Feldman Doron, You're a true mentch and a good friend! Keep up your great work! Tizku Lemitzvos!
£46.25 21/05/2019 Anonymous
£12.50 21/05/2019 Sruli Mayerson הצלחה
£450.00 20/05/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 20/05/2019 Kedem Europe Kedem Europe Good luck!
£18.00 20/05/2019 Charles Markovits
£10.00 20/05/2019 David Baddiel
£50.00 20/05/2019 Anonymous Good luck
£50.00 19/05/2019 Motti stimler Good luck king of K.O
£10.00 17/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 17/05/2019 Anonymous Keep it up.
Good luck
£36.00 17/05/2019 Anonymous hatzlocho rabah
£62.50 17/05/2019 Eli Batashvili
£10.00 16/05/2019 Yisroel Vorhand הצלחה רבה
£50.00 15/05/2019 Anonymous Good luck with the ride
£10.00 15/05/2019 Yitschok Hackenbroch
£62.50 15/05/2019 Norman Bookbinder Good luck

Gilberts Kosher Foods
£28.00 08/05/2019 Family Grynhaus 3 times is a chazaka! Well done bro, see you at the finish line!
£10.00 07/05/2019 Motti Ostreicher Kol hakavod! Wishing you much hatzlocho, may it bring you all the zechusim you wish for.
£36.00 02/05/2019 Pinchos Brandeis Keep moving
£50.00 01/05/2019 Yossi greenberg Good luck with it!!!
£312.50 25/03/2019 Yaakov Kaye Hatzlocha from the team at Phoods!!!
£50.00 17/03/2019 Nathaniel Bendayan
£200.00 10/03/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 28/02/2019 Anonymous Good luck.