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Hi "Dear Friends”  it’s spring time, the birds are chirping and soon my wheels will be spinning......and I will be sweating for this amazing cause  

I am taking part in a grueling 100 mile bike ride to riase funds in order to purchase a "camp building" to facilitate the needs and requirements of those less fortunate than we are!! 

KEF is an amazing non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering "summer & winter residential camps" weekend care days, friendship, help, therapy care and assistance to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

This is very close to my heart so please can you respond really generously! Thanks so so much. 


Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Total Amount Raised (2017)
Total Amount Raised (2016)
Total Amount Raised (2015)
Total Amount Raised (2014)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£500.00 08/07/2019 Ephraim Barkai Wishing you and the family all the best!!
£50.00 27/05/2019 Ben Ladywood Sorry.
I thought I'd put on your page already...
LET NOBODY FORGET where this all started #Monkeys
£22.50 27/05/2019 JC Chou Safe and pleasant ride.
£100.00 26/05/2019 Uncle Harvey Remember to yell at the bottom of each hill
£50.00 26/05/2019 Adam Korbl Better late than never :)
£300.00 26/05/2019 David Hali
£1,000.00 26/05/2019 Uncle Ricky Yos good luck with the ride
£500.00 26/05/2019 Davey Finey Joe keep those legs pumping
£18.00 26/05/2019 Simon LEVY Keep up your amazing work!!
£18.00 26/05/2019 D & S Floors If you dont finish in top 10 your paying for our next evening our again :), best of luck boyo
£18.00 26/05/2019 Jolla & Daniella Warshawsky Enjoy the ride!
£100.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous good luck from Uncle Reuben!
£18.00 25/05/2019 Anonymous Highlight of my year is seeing you in Lycra’s!
Go Yos Go! You Legend!
£36.00 24/05/2019 Eli Sternlicht Good luck with the ride!
£10.00 24/05/2019 Shragi Deblinger
£50.00 23/05/2019 danny fluss
£150.00 22/05/2019 Anonymous Where are you buddy??????
We miss u
£18.00 22/05/2019 mark cinnamon
£50.00 22/05/2019 Shua Cope Good luck! You were already past it last year but you did well in the end, let's see the same spirit this year!
£50.00 22/05/2019 Uri Goldberg
£100.00 22/05/2019 Meir Springer Enjoy!!!!!
£100.00 21/05/2019 PETER Kemsley I am proud of you Joseph
£10.00 19/05/2019 Anonymous YC - Loce your dedication to this incredible cause!

£36.00 13/05/2019 daniel adler where have you gone
£36.00 28/02/2019 Anonymous