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Dear Friends

I volunteer as doctor for Kef, a cause that has become close to my heart. Kef is run by volunteers and provides care to special-needs and disabled children from across the community. It's hard to say without sounding a bit overenthusiastic, but I really could not believe what they do on a daily basis until I experienced it first hand. Have a look at this video here.

  • I see the tremendous effort the volunteers invest in caring for the children – including many with demanding physical or emotional care needs round the clock.
  • I see how much the children enjoy their time at Kef, with activities morning till night – how the volunteers nurture their self esteem – and how they are made to feel valued members of a community.
  • I hear grateful feedback from parents who are extremely thankful for the respite Kef provides them with – how they can give their other children much needed attention – or even just get a night's sleep for the first time in months.
  • And I see how volunteering with Kef helps the volunteers (mainly teenagers and young adults) develop terrific leadership skills, and a real sense of personal and communal responsibility. It truly is something special.

Please don't feel obliged to sponsor me (especially if you are already sponsoring others). But this is a wonderful and worthwhile cause to help out.

With thanks and very best wishes

David/MD Spitzer



Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Total Amount Raised (2017)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£22.50 26/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlacha!
£12.50 26/05/2019 Kate Gordon Good luck!
£5.00 26/05/2019 Motti Wiesenfeld One of the many riders I'm proud to support! Doctor Doctor...
£36.00 25/05/2019 Elliot Pine best of luck!
£20.00 24/05/2019 Chana Posen & Sara Landau Thank you for helping us.
Eye am very grateful.
£125.00 24/05/2019 Marc Shatzkes Ride safe, b'hatzlocha,
£18.00 24/05/2019 Jonathan Guttentag
£10.00 24/05/2019 Annabella Taylor Wishing you good luck ride safely. Hatzlocho you are amazing!
£22.50 24/05/2019 Anonymous
£12.50 24/05/2019 Bhavika Mistry
£36.00 24/05/2019 Dovid Posen Hatzlocha Rabah and thanks a lot for last night!
Dovid, Adina & Chana Posen
£18.00 24/05/2019 Elaine Inglis Hatzlocho and thankyou!
£62.50 24/05/2019 Jonathan Joseph You'll smash it!!!
£50.00 23/05/2019 Jonathan Craimer
£50.00 23/05/2019 Adina Morris Thank you Dr spitzer for looking after us while we are in camp kef !! We wouldn’t be able to go to camp without you keeping us healthy and safe!
From all the children at KEF!!!
£36.00 22/05/2019 Shlomo Stahl Hatzlocho in all you endeavours.
£37.50 21/05/2019 Anonymous Good Luck
£125.00 21/05/2019 Julian Levy Good luck! From S&J L
£50.00 20/05/2019 Raphael Tenenbaum Best of luck, from Nextgen Real Estate.
£18.00 20/05/2019 Philip Heimann
£10.00 20/05/2019 Michaela Campbell All the Best David-Michaela
£6.25 20/05/2019 Margrith Pike
£12.50 20/05/2019 Xen Wafai
£36.00 19/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 19/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocha MD!!
£22.50 18/05/2019 Anonymous
£62.50 18/05/2019 Amanda Sutton
£45.00 18/05/2019 Peter Christian Go to it David!
£31.25 17/05/2019 Tim Gerrard Good luck on the hills.....
£150.00 17/05/2019 Joseph Sueke
£100.00 16/05/2019 Emanuel Meyer Hatzlocho with raising funds for this great cause
£18.00 16/05/2019 Gabriel Jacobsen Hatzlocho Rabbo
Keep up the good work!!!
The Jacobsens
£36.00 15/05/2019 Victor & Naomi Klein
£37.50 14/05/2019 Anonymous
£45.00 13/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlacha Raba.
£18.00 12/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocho Rabo for the ride and for this hugely important Mosad
£225.00 12/05/2019 Joseph Spitzer So proud of all your efforts for KEF - love from Dad & Mum
£18.00 10/05/2019 Anonymous הצלחה רבה
£45.00 08/05/2019 Debra Caplin
£45.00 08/05/2019 Emmanuel Danan Hatzlocha Rabba MD
Warmest wishes
Emmanuel and Deborah and the Danan twins
£100.00 05/05/2019 Anonymous
£45.00 25/04/2019 Goldie Smus Thank you for looking after us!
£25.00 08/04/2019 Shani Bowden In support of camp KEF dedicated doctor!
£36.00 05/04/2019 Yocheved Miller thank you for all you do for camp kef!
good luck!
£50.00 03/04/2019 Anonymous Thank you for all you do to help and support everyone on camp! Hatzlacha!
£100.00 28/03/2019 Edward Glyn
£62.50 26/03/2019 Anonymous Good luck & best wishes . Well done for all your great efforts.
£20.00 20/03/2019 Anonymous Your commitment to th Kef bike ride is phenomenal! And impressive how you up your target every year
£18.00 15/03/2019 Rina Anoufa Sky is the limit! Enjoy
£18.00 14/03/2019 G Katanka
£125.00 12/03/2019 Karen Myers Cannot believe you are doing this again. Kol Hakavod.
Karen Grossmark
£22.50 11/03/2019 Rachel Levy Wishing you lots of hatzlocha - it's one way of keeping yourself fit!
Shimon and Rachel Levy
£50.00 10/03/2019 Bernard Freudenthal Good luck and much respect!
£25.00 10/03/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 09/03/2019 Anonymous Well done MD, an inspiration to us all!
£50.00 06/03/2019 Anonymous keep it up MD!
we are cheering for you!
£18.00 06/03/2019 Daniel Sandground Chatzlacha Rabba!
£93.75 04/03/2019 Jonathan Goldstein Cycle well.
Best wishes,
Sharon and Jonathan Goldstein
£62.50 04/03/2019 Louise Brayam Good luck
Louise & Andrew Brayam
£18.00 04/03/2019 Anonymous
£62.50 04/03/2019 Talia & Daniel Ezra Kol Hakavod. Just keep going...
£750.00 03/03/2019 Anonymous
£62.50 03/03/2019 Ruchama Freeman THANK YOU for keeping us safe and happy every camp!!
£22.50 03/03/2019 Anonymous
£12.50 03/03/2019 Anonymous DR Spitzer who is always so patient, kind and caring in camp kef! We wouldn't manage without you!
Hugest luck
£62.50 03/03/2019 Gordon Weingarten
£80.00 02/03/2019 Jeremy Raphael
£125.00 01/03/2019 Anonymous Good luck MD
£36.00 01/03/2019 Maurice Levenson
£100.00 01/03/2019 maurice salama
£62.50 01/03/2019 Philip Brodie You are a great inspiration! Thank you for all you do, and good luck for the ride!
£22.50 01/03/2019 Lauren Cohen
£100.00 01/03/2019 Lionel Davis
£22.50 01/03/2019 Neil Manttan Keep pedalling David!
£36.00 01/03/2019 Modi spitzer good luck cousin.
£100.00 01/03/2019 Anonymous
£100.00 01/03/2019 Jonathan Stern Best of luck!
£22.50 01/03/2019 Anonymous
£62.50 28/02/2019 David Levy Hope you have a successful ride
£62.50 28/02/2019 Eleanor Zinkin Best of luck
£18.00 25/02/2019 jonathan spitzer