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Dear Friends

On 6th June I will once again be cycling 100 miles (160 km) as fast as I can, to raise money for Kef.

This is the sixth year I have been volunteering as doctor for Kef, attending their residential camps together with my family, and also throughout the year.

Kef is run by volunteers and provides care to special-needs and disabled children from across the community. It's hard to say without sounding a bit overenthusiastic, but I really could not believe what they do on a daily basis until I experienced it first hand. Have a look at this video here.

  • I see the tremendous effort the volunteers invest in caring for the children – including many with demanding physical or emotional care needs round the clock.
  • I see how much the children enjoy their time at Kef, with activities morning till night – how the volunteers nurture their self esteem – and how they are made to feel valued members of a community.
  • I hear grateful feedback from parents who are extremely thankful for the respite Kef provides them with – how they can give their other children much needed attention – or even just get a night's sleep for the first time in months.
  • And I see how volunteering with Kef helps the volunteers (mainly teenagers and young adults) develop terrific leadership skills, and a real sense of personal and communal responsibility. It truly is something special.

Please don't feel obliged to sponsor me (especially if you are already sponsoring others). But this is a wonderful and worthwhile cause to help out.

With thanks and very best wishes

David/MD Spitzer



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£50.00 05/07/2021 Talia & Daniel Ezra Ezra Kol Ha Kavod!
£36.00 14/06/2021 Ben Bentley
£32.00 10/06/2021 Teely Plonka Cheering you on from afar!
£18.00 07/06/2021 Andrew Solomon
£50.00 06/06/2021 Jeremy Raphael
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 06/06/2021 Meir Segal
£12.50 06/06/2021 Stephanie Freedman
£18.00 06/06/2021 Meilch Nuchem Weinberger In honor of Doctor M.D
£18.00 06/06/2021 Leah Harris In honour of KEFs favourite doctor! Looking forward to an amazing summer!! Good luck for the ride😀
£22.50 06/06/2021 Ashira Hibbert The one and only!! Best doc on camp! Ride safe and pedal hard. Can't wait for summer camp!!!
£22.50 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£22.50 06/06/2021 Stephen Goldman
£62.50 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£20.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Next year hopefully will have our own page!!
£20.00 06/06/2021 Yoni C
£18.00 06/06/2021 Albert Heckscher Good Luck, Bertie
£15.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£5.00 06/06/2021 Hannah rabinowitz Hatzlocho rabbo.
£22.50 06/06/2021 Emma Teper
£18.00 06/06/2021 David Haffner
£36.00 06/06/2021 Debbie Samole
£100.00 05/06/2021 Norman Blum You were meant to be doing this with your father be matzliach

Norman blum
£22.50 05/06/2021 Dena Haffner
£22.50 04/06/2021 Tara Tricot Well done and good luck!
£250.00 04/06/2021 Jonathan Goldstein Good Luck! Sharon & Jonathan
£200.00 04/06/2021 Moshe Shatzkes B'hatzlacha Rabo, ride safe
£72.00 04/06/2021 David & Sylvie Jay With much respect !
£10.00 04/06/2021 Chaim Strom
£72.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£100.00 03/06/2021 Emanuel Meyer Well done MD - favorite cousin in Edgware
£10.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous looking forward to being under your amazing care once again this summer!
Love from Rachel
£5.00 02/06/2021 Tzivia Spitzer best doctor in town! you can do it! xx
£5.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 02/06/2021 Gideon Katanka
£36.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous In honour of KEF's favourite Doctor!!
£37.50 01/06/2021 Jonathan Beckman
£36.00 01/06/2021 Shlomo Stahl
£22.50 31/05/2021 Anonymous Thank you to you and your wonderful family for giving of your time to look after everyone at camp!!
£30.00 31/05/2021 Anonymous
£25.00 31/05/2021 Rosella Grunbaum Tizku Lemitzvois ... Enjoy the ride! The Grunbaums
£18.00 30/05/2021 Mark Meyer Hatzlocha MD! Deserve the green jersey for your annual consistency and look forward to Avi joining you once of age. With huge appreciation to you and Devora for being such wonderful cousins.
£45.00 30/05/2021 Nathan Woodward Hatztlacha Rabbah1
£10.00 28/05/2021 Yossi Gordon Good luck md! :-)
£45.00 28/05/2021 Alan Milstein Hatztlacha Rabbah
£5.00 27/05/2021 Pinchas Goldberg
£10.00 27/05/2021 Osher C Posen
£250.00 26/05/2021 Jeremy Herman
£312.50 25/05/2021 Clare Pater A tiny token of appreciation for everything that your Torah brings. Make sure that you beat Klinger.
£18.00 25/05/2021 Gavriel Jacobsen Keep at it
Good Luck
£180.00 25/05/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 25/05/2021 naomi klein hatzlacha
£18.00 25/05/2021 Deborah Danan Good luck Doc
£22.50 25/05/2021 Chaya Krawczynski Best of luck, you've got this!!
£10.00 24/05/2021 Anonymous Thank you for all your hard work you do for kef every summer!
£50.00 24/05/2021 Anonymous
£62.50 24/05/2021 Amanda Sutton Good for you David, keep pedalling!
£10.00 24/05/2021 Daniel Sandground Hatzlacha rabba
£100.00 24/05/2021 Karen Grossmark You just fitter and fitter . Well done .
£18.75 24/05/2021 Anonymous
£22.50 24/05/2021 Ruchama Freeman Hatzlocha for the ride! Kef is so lucky to have such a devoted and dedicated doc who seriously goes above and beyond!!
£25.00 24/05/2021 Danielle Berman Wasn't it a few years ago when you came off your bike, sustaining multiple injuries?! Really hope it goes well!
Danielle Berman
£18.00 24/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocho Rabo
£22.50 24/05/2021 Lauren Newman
£62.50 23/05/2021 Bernard Freudenthal
£18.00 23/05/2021 Anonymous Good memories from summer at Kef!
Good luck with the ride!
Tuli & Rina
£36.00 23/05/2021 Yitzchak Freeman An honourable mention for an honourable mentsch! Hatzlacha: your commitment to Kef is inspirational.
£125.00 23/05/2021 Brian Beckman
£40.00 23/05/2021 jenny figa Wishing you hatzlacha!
£45.00 23/05/2021 Dov Smith לע"נ אבי מורי ר' צבי יחזקאל חיים בן ר' משה ז"ל
£20.00 23/05/2021 lena spitzer
£18.00 23/05/2021 Jason Saunders
£25.00 23/05/2021 Anonymous Wishing you much Hatslocha
£22.50 23/05/2021 Neil Manttan Good luck David - keep pedalling!
£18.00 23/05/2021 Rachel Levy Hatzlocha Rabbo - hope all goes well. Uncle Shimon & Aunty Rachel
£62.50 23/05/2021 Gordon Weingarten Kol hakavod.
You are a great role-model.
£50.00 22/05/2021 Anonymous Good luck!!
£45.00 21/05/2021 Debra Caplin
£36.00 21/05/2021 Goldie Benedikt (Smus) Hatzlocha Raba! We'll be cheering you on from here. I'll miss having you as my doctor for two weeks in the summer :-( But I suppose I should give others the privilege....
£30.00 21/05/2021 Michael Lebrett Enjoy the ride
£10.00 21/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocha!!

Enjoy the ride!
£62.50 21/05/2021 Michael Aziz
£18.00 21/05/2021 Annabella Taylor Hatzlocho in the bike ride for such a worthwhile cause. Auntie Annie and uncle Norman.
£180.00 21/05/2021 Edward Glyn Very best wishes.
£18.00 21/05/2021 Anonymous
£72.00 21/05/2021 Anonymous Good luck dear cousin, you are an inspiration to all those who know you.
With warm admiration.
£36.00 21/05/2021 Maurice Salama
£36.00 21/05/2021 Laurence Lovat Cycle as fast as you can!
£10.00 21/05/2021 Peter Christian Take a GTN spray...just in case!
£36.00 21/05/2021 Stephen Ziobin Hatzlocho rabbo.
£31.25 21/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlochoh Rabboh and many thanks for your Shiur on Shavuos Night.
£18.00 21/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocho!
£45.00 21/05/2021 Lionel Davis
£50.00 21/05/2021 Eliot Kaye Tizku LeMitzvot
£100.00 21/05/2021 Peter Sugarman Best wishes. Hope you beat your previous times. Also hope you stay on the bike!
£62.50 21/05/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 21/05/2021 Gary Swabel
£93.75 21/05/2021 Eleanor Zinkin
£62.50 21/05/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 21/05/2021 Eli Pine best of luck!
£187.50 21/05/2021 Alan Berkley
£100.00 21/05/2021 Bernhard Bergman
£18.00 21/05/2021 Motty Friesel Go David,
Kol hakavod to you, may has hashem help, you should only be from the medical part and not from the receiving end.
Hatzlocha and keep it up!!!
£50.00 21/05/2021 Anonymous Dear Dr Spitzer - thank you for looking after us when we’re in camp KEF and keeping us well ! We can’t wait for summer camp , it’s been too long!! Thank you for all you do for KEF ! The KEF KIDS
£18.00 21/05/2021 Yoni Carmel
£36.00 21/05/2021 Yocheved Spitzer Keep those wheels going round for Mitsvos! Leilu Nishmas Avrohom Shumuel Binyomin Ben Moshe Mordechai your dear uncle - my father
£180.00 20/05/2021 Anonymous Keep going!!!
£180.00 20/05/2021 J Spitzer Best of luck with reaching your goal!!
£36.00 20/05/2021 Maurice Levenson
£10.00 20/05/2021 Anonymous Good luck and enjoy
£125.00 20/05/2021 Julian Levy Go MD!
£45.00 20/05/2021 Anonymous For refua shelaima of dovid moshe.
Hatzlocho for this worthy cause! Enjoy the ride!
£100.00 14/05/2021 Ed Saleh Hatzlocha, and thank you for helping this wonderful charity
£18.00 30/04/2021 Noch spitzer Have fun
£180.00 22/04/2021 Carrie Beaken