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I am proud of my children who have volunteered for KEF over the years helping with the sleep-away camps and Sunday activities. They have encouraged me to show my appreciation for such an amazing organisation and do the KEF bikeathon.

A small incident took place on last year's ride which inspired me to ride again. At the end of the ride, I was sitting in the tent enjoying a burger and chips with my family when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a sweet little boy, perhaps aged 6 or 7 with an angelic face standing there with his carer. He started speaking to me and although I could not quite understand what he was saying, I think he was thanking me for doing the ride. (either that or he was trying to tell me that I ate his chips!). I said to my wife, Sipora, that if that's what it takes - all the training, the sweat and the pain - just to make a little child like that happy then it was worth it !

Please help me exceed my target by donating generously to this cause.

Your support is much appreciated.





Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£18.00 03/10/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 26/05/2019 Efi Klein Hatzlocho - efi k
£22.50 26/05/2019 Dovi Weltscher For the audi a5
£5.00 24/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 24/05/2019 Chaim Davis Mordechai. Good luck!
£18.00 22/05/2019 Anonymous Good luck
£18.00 21/05/2019 Anonymous צו מיין טיירע טאטע
בעסטער הצלחה
פין דיינע זייסער טעכטאר
£22.50 21/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocho Rabboh!
£10.00 21/05/2019 Eliyahu Sellam
£25.00 21/05/2019 Danny Binstock Good Luck!
£18.00 21/05/2019 David Rosenthal Hatzlocho rabbo
£31.25 20/05/2019 Lara Rosenfelder Best of luck. Lara.
£18.00 20/05/2019 Moshe Sanger Hatzlocho Rabbo
£25.00 17/05/2019 R Baddiel Hazlocho! have a safe journey and easy ride
Family Baddiel
£18.00 16/05/2019 Ami Weitz Hatzlochoh Rabboh! Enjoy the ride!
£62.50 15/05/2019 Alistair Braham Good Luck Mordechai
£62.50 15/05/2019 Sharon Ho
£12.50 15/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocho all at 47 Leeside
£22.50 15/05/2019 Yitzchak Davis Much hatzlocha
£18.00 14/05/2019 Yaakov Cohen Good luck my friend! See you there!

£75.00 14/05/2019 Rajeev Seesurrun It's a wonderful selfless act you are doing and it really makes a difference to the lives of so many. Well done Mordechai!
£45.00 14/05/2019 robin leith What a great cause !
£50.00 14/05/2019 itzhak schnitzer
£10.00 14/05/2019 Moishe Adler Hatzlocho Rabboh
£50.00 13/05/2019 David Goldberg Hatzlochoh!
£18.00 12/05/2019 M Rosenthal Good luck
£62.50 07/05/2019 Anonymous
£62.50 07/05/2019 Rabbi Hool
£50.00 07/05/2019 Alexander Hool
£22.50 03/05/2019 Keith Sussman Good Luck Mordechai
£36.00 29/04/2019 Debra Mandel
£187.50 23/04/2019 Nicolas Seeyave Thank you for doing so much for a good cause. Best of luck
£12.50 23/04/2019 David Yu Best of luck Mod.
£62.50 17/04/2019 Anonymous Good luck and have a nice ride!
£50.00 17/04/2019 Aharon Cohen Hatzlochah Rabbah!
£18.00 17/04/2019 Moshe Broner
£75.00 17/04/2019 Shea Neumann
£22.50 16/04/2019 Anonymous :)
£5.00 16/04/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 16/04/2019 Anonymous
£6.25 11/04/2019 Guy Vegoda Good luck Mordecai, Guy