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I will be cycling 100 kilometres from Milton Keynes to London for KEF because I am touched by their tremendous achievements.

KEF is a London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. Camp KEF gives both the camper and their families a break from their day-to-day routine providing much needed respite for parents of children with special needs.

I am stepping up my training to ensure i am ready for the ride, so........whilst I'm training please give me some extra encouragement and make a donation!

Your support is much appreciated.

Thank you


Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£36.00 27/05/2019 Anonymous Phil - better late then never.
£36.00 27/05/2019 David Fordsham To first and foremost a special friend with a heart of gold!
£50.00 26/05/2019 Yanky Erlich
£12.50 26/05/2019 Anonymous Enjoy the ride!!
£18.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous Because its you
£100.00 26/05/2019 Leiby Levison ויקרא שמו בישראל פיליפ?
£50.00 26/05/2019 Uri Shaarjashuv To my special nephew!
£18.00 25/05/2019 Anonymous Thanks for the parking space 😉
£18.00 25/05/2019 Chris Cash
£5.00 24/05/2019 Daniel Turner
£45.00 24/05/2019 Anonymous For my MAMISHI!
£50.00 24/05/2019 Anonymous for my favorite nephew!
£250.00 24/05/2019 John Gripton You can start doing the Exemplum deliveries on your bike!
£200.00 24/05/2019 Anonymous keep up the great work!!
£18.00 24/05/2019 Chaim Strom for old rides sake
£62.50 24/05/2019 James Cook All the best from all at MJ Services
£18.00 24/05/2019 Mendi Silber From the guy at the bottom of the list!
£100.00 23/05/2019 Adam Abrahami I hope it goes well good luck
£150.00 23/05/2019 Yossi Feldman
£12.50 22/05/2019 Shimmie Pariente Hatslochoh Rabah
£100.00 22/05/2019 Lara Bicknell Good luck Phil from everyone at Creed Foodservice
£36.00 21/05/2019 D & S Floors Please wear baggy shorts
£50.00 17/05/2019 Anonymous Keep pedaling!
£18.00 15/05/2019 shloime Rabinowitz Hi Sruli long long time no speak as you dont speak during campaigns:-)!!! Either it was really nice being in contact best of luck with the ride and hope you get to your target!
£375.00 14/05/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 13/05/2019 Daniel Klein
£50.00 13/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 10/05/2019 Victoria Cain
£50.00 09/05/2019 Eliezer Inglis
£54.00 09/05/2019 Michael Meisels My Dear Sruli, Keep up your good work and
יהי רצון שתלך מחיל אל חיל

Shlomo Meisels
£18.00 08/05/2019 Spring Parking Hatslocho Rabba
£180.00 08/05/2019 Anonymous Go on Sruli!!! You can do it!!! Hatzlocho Rabbo
£12.50 15/03/2019 Ashwinder Singh Good Luck Phil!