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To whom it may concern

KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

I am hoping to raise £1000 sponcership doing a 100km bike ride. This can be done online on the bike4kef site. 

Thank You!

Yacov Bakst


This rider hasnt ridden before
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£12.50 29/05/2019 Susan Johnson Well done Yacov, amazing achievement
£10.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous
£10.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous
£18.00 26/05/2019 Anonymous Old friend of Johns here, can't have him raising more than you!
Enjoy your day
£10.00 24/05/2019 Family Maxwell
£6.25 24/05/2019 kate knight good luck Yacov, from John's daughter
£5.00 24/05/2019 Sholom Cohen Really excited for you Yacov, you'll do great. Sholom Cohen and family
£10.00 24/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocho Rabbo! It's a zechus for me to have you as a friend!
£18.00 23/05/2019 zp meisner good luck
£6.25 22/05/2019 Tony Richardson
£10.00 21/05/2019 carol myers good luck
£18.00 21/05/2019 David Schleider You make us proud. Be matzliach.
£12.50 21/05/2019 Karen Beattie
£36.00 21/05/2019 Benjamin Cowen Good luck with the ride Yacov. See you at the finish line
£6.25 20/05/2019 Anonymous Good luck Yacov,

I'm sure you'll be amazing, lets hope John can keep up with you !

What's next, Tour de france?
£18.75 20/05/2019 Tom Hirst Good luck Yacov!
£5.00 17/05/2019 Avrohom Adler YACOV, HATZLOCHO RABBO!!!!! WE WIL BE CHEERING YOU ON FROM FAR!!!
A.Yoel & Fam
£90.00 17/05/2019 Dovid Steinhouse
£5.00 17/05/2019 Josh Freudiger
£6.25 17/05/2019 Aron Chaim Bollel
£5.00 16/05/2019 J Salzer Hatzlocho Yakcov!
£5.58 16/05/2019 Gateshead Mixed
£5.00 16/05/2019 Levi Feldman
£12.50 16/05/2019 Mr Moishe Adler
£10.00 16/05/2019 Esther Flax You're the best Yacov! We love you!
£5.00 14/05/2019 Yosef Zvi Schleider Yacov, you are an inspiration!
הצלחה רבה
Keep it up!
£50.00 12/05/2019 Moishe Bakst
£18.00 12/05/2019 Phillip Adam Yaakov You're an inspiration to All of us! Hatzlocha Rabbo, Fishel Adam
£10.00 12/05/2019 ARYEH BAKST Tons of hatzlacha
£36.00 12/05/2019 Anonymous
£36.00 10/05/2019 Meir Simcha Pruim Yaacov you're unbelievable. Really proud to have you as one of the representatives of Gateshead. Hatzlocho.
£36.00 08/05/2019 Emmanuel danan Keep it up Yakov.
In admiration
Emmanuel Danan
£18.00 08/05/2019 SD Wittler Yakov,
You are an amazing inspiration to all of us!
You always manage to exceed our expectations!
Wishing you the best success.
£18.00 08/05/2019 Joseph Schleider Yacov we think you are very brave to take on this significant challenge. we are sure that with your determination you will achieve your objective and finish the course. You are doing it for a very worthy cause and we are proud of you.
Mr & Mrs Yosef Schleider, Gateshead
£5.00 08/05/2019 Shmuli Bengio Yaccov - Well done. Make Gateshead proud !
£74.00 07/05/2019 Aryeh Spitzer Amazing Yacov! really happy for you and I hope that you have an amazing time
£7.00 07/05/2019 Anonymous Family K from Gateshead wishes you Hatzlocha !!
£5.00 06/05/2019 Anonymous Hatzlocha from your cousin across the road.
£22.50 06/05/2019 Anonymous What an incredible and selfless thing to be doing. Much Hatslocho!
£18.00 02/05/2019 Aron Bakst We are proud of you
Wishing you much hatslocho
Lol Your brother Aron
£62.50 20/04/2019 Clare Butcher Well done Yacov for trying this. Keep going and you will reach the end. I hope you enjoy yourself in the process.
£10.00 15/04/2019 Anonymous
£5.00 15/04/2019 Louise Mitchell Good Luck!
£10.00 21/03/2019 Ursina Schmid HAVE A GREAT RIDE!
£12.50 18/03/2019 Kyle Summersby
£100.00 17/03/2019 Anonymous
£25.00 15/03/2019 David Clarke
£6.25 14/03/2019 Anonymous Best of luck, Yacov - enjoy! From Alison Collin's dental nurse Mary Tully
£6.25 14/03/2019 kate knight
£12.50 11/03/2019 Anonymous
£12.50 10/03/2019 Marco Michelini
£36.00 07/03/2019 Shimron Schiff Go Yacov!
£5.00 06/03/2019 Pinchos Schechter Hatzlacha Yakov
£5.00 06/03/2019 Joanne Fielding
£6.25 06/03/2019 Peter Wallace Good luck Yacov from John's dad, Peter.
£50.00 06/03/2019 Anonymous Good Luck
£5.00 06/03/2019 DY Rosenberg Hope you have a great time and a safe ride! Hatzlocha in training!
£6.25 02/03/2019 Alison Collins I think all of your training with John will pay off and you will have a great time.
£10.00 02/03/2019 Karim Abbas
£25.00 01/03/2019 Boruch Shube Good Luck!!!!