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I am attempting the 100km bike ride for the second time to do my bit to support the amazing organisation that is KEF. I have witnessed first hand the superhuman efforts that the KEF team put in to enhance the lives of my nephew Nuchi, all his friends, and their families.

KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.

This is a once-a-year opportunity to show your support, anything you give will make a positive impact on these families lives.



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Total Amount Raised (2019)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£10.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Well done on your phenomenal achievements dear bro
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£20.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Kol Hakavod
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous hatzlocho rabbo
£18.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous לעלוי נשמת החבר דוד בן אריה
£60.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous
£18.00 06/06/2021 ZVI CHONTOW
£36.00 04/06/2021 Mirel Chontow Keep on the right side of the road, but stay on the left! Follow the golden middle path - Hatzlocha Rabbah!
£36.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous Good luck cuz!
£72.00 04/06/2021 Anonymous Reb yos!!! Kol hakavod to you.
£100.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Keep up the fab work!
£72.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous So proud of my uncle yossi!
Much appreciated
Love Nuchi x
£36.00 03/06/2021 Ami Weitz Hatzlocho Rabboh for this very worthy cause!
£50.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous You can do it Daddy!!
Love Moishy, Zevi, Benny & Shani
£18.00 03/06/2021 Yaakov Twerski
£50.00 03/06/2021 R S
£10.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocha!
£36.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous Good Luck!
£36.00 02/06/2021 Avi Pines Hatzlocha
£100.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Good luck!!!!
£3.00 02/06/2021 N H Hatzlacha
£18.00 02/06/2021 Yisrael Rubin
£36.00 02/06/2021 Jonathan Pappenheim Hatzlacha!
£18.00 02/06/2021 Lazer, Devori & Motti For my one and only uncle going that extra mile (mind the pun) for this great cause!!!
Good luck for the ride!!!
£10.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocho
£180.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Best of luck for this great cause הצלחה רבּה
£36.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Enough sunning yourself on the beach now get practicing
£72.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous you can do it. you just have to ask
£10.00 02/06/2021 Dani & Alisa Feiner Hatzlocha and all the best on the ride.
£18.00 31/05/2021 Yitzy Knopf Good luck!
£18.00 30/05/2021 Anonymous Best of luck
£5.00 28/05/2021 Anonymous To the greatest uncle
Love your
Great nieces and nephew
(The oldest ones...)
£80.00 28/05/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 25/05/2021 Anonymous You can do it!!