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For the 8th year in a row I will be partaking in Bike4Kef  and the challenge a 100 mile cycle ride...all for a good cause.

I am reaching out to you to see if you are able to add your support. I am undertaking this challenge because KEF provides vital support for children, young adults and families. Bike4Kef is the charity’s main fundraising campaign and they do not run a matching campaign like many other local charities. Their annual budget is £850,000 and the organisation has a transformative impact on families.

KEF was founded in 2006 with just four children; services are now offered to over 100 children and young adults with special needs throughout the UK. KEF offers a friendship and fun giving service that helps children and young adults to thrive, whilst providing their parents and families with much needed respite. In the last year KEF provided more than 12,000 hours of respite care with over 200 families attending their events. The feeling that there is an organisation which cares, understands, and is able to shower their child with so much love and attention, enables the parents to spend time focusing on their other family members, who are often, albeit unintentionally, marginalised by their sibling with special needs.

Please take a moment to view our most recent KEF video here.

This year, Kef’s respite support for parents is more crucial than ever. Kef has had to find innovative ways to support families during lockdown, providing activity packages, guidance and care - all from a distance. Working in different ways has put an even larger strain on Kef’s budget and the funds from Bike4Kef have always been Kef’s main source of income.

I would really appreciate your support, to donate, please visit my personal page at and help us reach the £750,000 target!

Alternatively, you can reply to this message with an amount you would like to donate, and I will arrange for it to be collected or call you when convenient.

Every donation is greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you for your contribution and support.

To find out more about KEF, please visit its website at , and for more information about the Bikeathon, please visit our dedicated website at .

Best regards,



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£22.50 08/06/2021 Ben Lewis
£100.00 08/06/2021 James Scott Well done!
£50.00 07/06/2021 L B Hope you enjoyed the ride.
£50.00 06/06/2021 warren phillips Amazing rider doing amazing work with your riding passion
£36.00 06/06/2021 Orzel kids were so proud of you, you did a great job!!
£100.00 06/06/2021 Anonymous Always happy to help those who help..................
£150.00 06/06/2021 Berele Morris
£625.00 06/06/2021 Michael Esfandi
£50.00 06/06/2021 Shloime Kaufman 100 miles - stop messing around
£18.00 06/06/2021 Adam Korbl
£26.00 04/06/2021 Yitzy Lerner Wish we could give you more, hugely grateful and appreciative! Gella's family
£180.00 04/06/2021 Moshe Morris
£180.00 04/06/2021 Shlomie Stimler
£200.00 04/06/2021 Joel Fried At least Sunday you’ll socialise
£100.00 03/06/2021 Ari Kornbluth Hatzlocho!
£100.00 03/06/2021 Goldie Kornbluth From your proud Mother in Law
לעלוי נשמת daddy שרגא פייבל בן נפתלי זייל
£36.00 03/06/2021 Motti Vorhand הצלחה רבה
£10.00 03/06/2021 Shragi Deblinger
£72.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous
£360.00 03/06/2021 Anonymous For a friend that sparks so much joy to everyone he meets!
£100.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Passion killer
£18.00 02/06/2021 Anonymous Well done
£100.00 02/06/2021 Shmuli & Odelia Maierovits Tizke Lemitzvos!

Shmuli & Odelia
£20.00 02/06/2021 Yitzi Taub
£125.00 02/06/2021 GILAD KESTENBAUM
£36.00 01/06/2021 ירמי' הלוי באמבערגער הצלחה רבה
£72.00 01/06/2021 Yisroel Pels Hatzlocho my fit friend..
£100.00 01/06/2021 M Gross
£50.00 01/06/2021 Yidi Grussgott
£36.00 01/06/2021 b B Keep up your amazing chesed
£50.00 31/05/2021 Philip Goldberg Ride safely
£500.00 31/05/2021 Anonymous
£36.00 31/05/2021 Chaim Reich
£50.00 31/05/2021 andrew sprung Sprung Keep up all your good work
£36.00 31/05/2021 Yossi Feldman
£36.00 30/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocho Raboh
£180.00 30/05/2021 Anonymous
£720.00 30/05/2021 Richard Starr
£36.00 30/05/2021 Anonymous Behatzlocho and all the best
£36.00 30/05/2021 Harvey Shapiro Wishing much hatzlocha
£180.00 30/05/2021 Anonymous Hatzlocha Rabba!!
£50.00 30/05/2021 Gerald Lewin Rather you than me,hatzlocho Gerald
£100.00 30/05/2021 Danny Brodie The more you give the more you love!!
£100.00 30/05/2021 David Landau
£10.00 27/05/2021 Anonymous Good luck!
£5.45 22/04/2021 Shloime Kaufman Sufferfest