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Recovering from Covid (+ hospital stay) has made it surprisingly difficult to cycle, let alone anywhere close to what I used to do. However, knowing first hand the amazing work and sacrifices made by the entire KEF team, I don't want to pull out at a time when KEF needs funding even more than ever. 

So here is your chance to PARTNER with me - I will do the cycling and YOU get away with the easy part, just sponsor me. Every pound sponsored helps drive me forward making my efforts worthwhile, and most importantly, is massively needed by KEF. For my part, I will try to finish the course and have done lots of training to help me reach this target!

Having now been a part of 9 KEF camps, as the manager for 5 camps and my wife as cook for all 9 (Gita's efforts far exceeded mine!) we know how vital KEF really is. You need to see KEF in action to truly understand how important it really is and even then, it's what you don't see behind the scenes that is really staggering. The time, efforts, costs, care, devotion and love.

KEF provides respite and care for special needs and mentally handicapped children and young adults from across the country. It provides out-of -school-activities, recreational events and residential trips including summer and winter sleep-away camps. It is an organisation that is necessary for the children themselves, but especially for their families, providing much needed respite and time to focus on other family members. See for more info or I can fill you in.

If you have sponsored me in the past then thank you again - I appreciated the support you showed which kept me going every pedal of the ride. Unfortunately the demand for KEF only keeps growing and so please consider being at least as generous. 

Thank you!


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£100.00 17/09/2020 Anonymous
£500.00 11/08/2020 Brennon Lobo Well done Jeremy.
£125.00 28/07/2020 Kamal El-Khoury
£50.00 19/07/2020 Jonathan Warshawsky Amazing well done. Keep getting stronger !
Jolla & Daniella
£18.75 19/07/2020 Jeremy Leigh To the best father you are amazing! Rach x
£180.00 19/07/2020 Sam Vecht Thank u for everything - wouldn’t have been possible without u
£126.88 19/07/2020 Jeremy Leigh Kef ice-cream stand!
We love you daddy! You're amazing for doing the ride.
£18.00 19/07/2020 Amos WIttenberg Extra encouragement
£45.00 19/07/2020 Shalom Springer Springer
£62.50 19/07/2020 Anonymous Dear Jeremy, We did not know you had been ill. So sorry to hear that. You are very impressive to carry on with the bike ride. All the very best,
Sarra & Robert Lunzer
£18.00 19/07/2020 Barry Gross Hatzlocho Rabbah
£36.00 19/07/2020 Anonymous Well done Jeremy!
£62.50 18/07/2020 Alan Perrin safe pedalling !!
£30.00 17/07/2020 Thomas Newham
£18.00 17/07/2020 Motty Weinstock Jem
£36.00 17/07/2020 Menachem Calek
£18.00 17/07/2020 Vaidichka Rebbe Proud to be your neighbour! Your ride is an inspiration.
£18.00 17/07/2020 Anonymous What an amazing achievement Jeremy, BH!!! Hatzlocha for the ride. Genuinely inspiring. Hatzlocha Rabo
£18.00 17/07/2020 Moishe Frenkel Good luck!
£18.00 17/07/2020 Anonymous
£62.50 17/07/2020 Jacob Rabinowicz Hatzlacha
£62.50 17/07/2020 Elissa Bayer all good wishes
Elissa bayer
£36.00 17/07/2020 Maurice Levenson Keep up the amazing work
£50.00 16/07/2020 Anonymous
£20.00 16/07/2020 Kef Office Matched funds - well done!
£20.00 16/07/2020 Anonymous Good luck Jeremy - a good cause. Get pedalling! Ross McHardy.
£31.25 15/07/2020 Alexandre Ma Fat Best of luck for a good cause
£50.00 15/07/2020 Anonymous Great effort considering the circumstances Jeremy - well done!
£25.00 15/07/2020 Jackie Sadler Hi Jeremy
Hope you are well and good luck with the ride.
£360.00 15/07/2020 Matthew Weiniger
£18.00 15/07/2020 Aurora Villacellino Good luck Jeremy, you can do it!
£18.75 15/07/2020 Anonymous Wishing you much Hatslocho
£18.00 15/07/2020 David Meade Best of luck Jeremy,
£62.50 15/07/2020 Duncan Macintyre Could always do it on an e-bike?
£25.00 15/07/2020 Anonymous Good Luck & rgds from Switzerland! :-)
£31.25 15/07/2020 Charlotte Deny
£25.00 15/07/2020 Anne Godde
£18.00 14/07/2020 Daniel ickowicz hatzlocha!
£10.00 14/07/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 13/07/2020 Anonymous hazlocho!
£100.00 12/07/2020 Anonymous thank you for doing this on my behalf
Good Luck
Liz and George
£10.00 12/07/2020 Anonymous
£50.00 09/07/2020 Mark Shaya
£18.00 09/07/2020 Motti Ostreicher What an amazing guy! Hatzlocho Rabboh
£5.00 09/07/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 07/07/2020 Anonymous
£180.00 07/07/2020 Elizabeth Windsor
£50.00 06/07/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 06/07/2020 Avi Smith Hatslocho
£50.00 06/07/2020 Anonymous Amazing effort Jeremy!! Good luck on the day!
£18.00 05/07/2020 Daniel Coleman
£225.00 05/07/2020 David Katz
£50.00 05/07/2020 Laurence Lovat Well done once again Jeremy
£100.00 05/07/2020 Robert Goldin
£36.00 03/07/2020 Samuel Klein Kol Hakavod Jeremy! Warmest Wishes from Seattle!
£100.00 03/07/2020 Anonymous
£125.00 03/07/2020 Steven McCarthy Great cause and given the circumstances quite a challenge. Best of luck!!
£25.00 03/07/2020 Benoit Broch Good work Jeremy
£25.00 03/07/2020 Benjamin Falk Good Luck, and well done! Benjy.
£12.50 03/07/2020 Anonymous
£25.00 02/07/2020 Oshi Weissbraun Hatzlocho -100km is also a decent ride
£10.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous
£18.00 02/07/2020 Yitzy Weinstein Hatzlocho!
£72.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous Go Jeremy! You are always an inspiration!!
The guy at the end of the Row
£18.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous
£72.00 02/07/2020 philip weinstein Delighted that you are doing this again! Hatzlocho Rabboh
£100.00 02/07/2020 Sam Felman Best of luck with the ride!
£36.00 02/07/2020 Yisroel Pels Keep well and fit! Good luck for the ride
£100.00 02/07/2020 Robert Brayam
£225.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous
£50.00 02/07/2020 Michael Freedman
£18.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous Wishing you continued hatzlocha
£18.00 02/07/2020 Chaim Guttentag Keep going Jeremy!
£10.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous Incredible effort Jeremy! However far you actually cycle, you're a hero for the attempt. Hatzlocha with Fundraising and a speedy recovery in time.
£18.00 02/07/2020 Meir Joseph Jeremy so happy to hear you're well enough to join. Keep riding high!
£36.00 02/07/2020 Melvyn Smulovitch Good Luck!
£125.00 02/07/2020 Anonymous Wishing you every success,

Kati & Paul Kay
£100.00 02/07/2020 Eli Pine B'hatzlacha
£125.00 02/07/2020 Jonathan Gilmour B'hatzlocho
£36.00 02/07/2020 Eytan Weisz
£22.50 02/07/2020 Michael Stefansky Best regards and stay health!
Much success
£36.00 28/06/2020 Moishe Graham
£54.00 24/06/2020 sara wittenberg Hatzlochoh Rabboh Jeremy, from your very proud Mum (i.l.)
£50.00 18/06/2020 gary Liss Thank you for all of the backies on your bike from our Hasmo days
£18.00 07/06/2020 Amos Wittenberg Proud of our G/Jem
£10.00 04/06/2020 Anonymous