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You have probably heard it all before by now, but I have signed up to ride 100 miles for KEF. While I like to cycle shorter distances, 100 miles is no walk in the park. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - This is your chance to partner with me and do your bit to help KEF. Every pound sponsored helps push me forward, makes my efforts worthwhile, and most importantly, is massively needed by KEF. 

Having now participated in over 7 KEF camps (managed 5) with my wife as cook in all 7 (being fair, Gita's efforts far exceeded mine) we know how vital KEF really is. You really need to see KEF in action to understand how important it really is. It is what you don't see behind the scenes that is really so staggering. The time, efforts and costs.

In short, KEF provides respite and care for special needs and mentally handicapped children and young adults from across the country. It provides out-of -school-activities, recreational events and residential trips including summer and winter sleep-away camps. It is an organisation that is necessary for the children themselves, but especially for their families, providing much needed respite and time to focus on other family members. See for more info.  

I have many stories and examples demonstrating the impact that KEF has, but to give 2 small glimpses:

  • The first time we did camp the feedback from one family was that it was the first time they had managed to sleep for more than 2 hours at a go at night and with their bedroom door closed in over 9 years - and their daughter got married the day after camp. The entire wedding was planned around the respite that camp would give. 
  • One of the parents explained that their child wakes up every morning at 3am and is ready to start his day. Both parents are professionals working full time and they take turns to share the burden. Camp provides a much needed rest to keep them going for the next 6 months...

If you have sponsored me in the past then thank you again - I appreciated the support you showed which kept me going every pedal of the ride. Unfortunately the demand for KEF only grows and so I am hopeful you will consider being at least as generous! 

Thank you!


Total Amount Raised for all rides


Total Amount Raised (2018)
Total Amount Raised (2017)
Total Amount Raised (2016)
Total Amount Raised (2015)
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£125.00 23/04/2019 Jonathan Gilmour
£36.00 17/04/2019 Josh Leigh Well done and good luck!
£50.00 08/04/2019 Anonymous
£25.00 04/04/2019 Anonymous
£36.00 26/03/2019 Raphael Guedj
£100.00 25/03/2019 Anonymous
£18.00 25/03/2019 alan steinberg Jeremy ... Keep up the good work!'
£36.00 24/03/2019 sara wittenberg Proud to be associated with KEF and wishing you H"R, Mum
£36.00 22/03/2019 M Levenson Amazing ! - keep up the great work
£50.00 22/03/2019 Anonymous
£50.00 22/03/2019 Jacqueline Ullmann So happy to support KEF. Well done Jeremy!
£18.00 21/03/2019 Matthew Weiniger
£125.00 21/03/2019 Paul Kay Wishing you every success in both the fund raising and the cycle too.

Well done!

Paul & Kati Kay
£10.00 20/03/2019 Anonymous Incredible how you up the challenge every time!
£225.00 20/03/2019 Anonymous Thank you once again Jeremy for supporting (and giving me the opportunity to support) this wonderful cause.
£18.00 19/03/2019 Jonathan Weinstein Hatzlocho
£10.00 19/03/2019 Anonymous Kol Hakavod. Mit mazal!

Dina & Benji Friedmann
£45.00 19/03/2019 elissa bayer good luck. some of your co-cyclists are great fund raisers. hope it goes well
Elissa Bayer
£6.25 19/03/2019 Anonymous
£100.00 19/03/2019 Robert Goldin Consistently, impressive effort!
£10.00 01/02/2019 Anonymous Just to get you in the mood