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Thanks so much for visiting my page!!

I turned 18 not long ago which means that I can finally take part in the amazing bike4kef!!! I will be riding 100km on 28th May for the organisation that I personally care so much about and have so much to do with...KEF!!!

KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. 

My name is Daniel wormser and I'm one of the many hundreds of devoted kef volunteers. I have been fortunate enough to attend several camps, and help with some of the weekly events for the past 2 years. Every second Sunday and Winter holiday for the last 2 years I have completly devoted my time to KEF and to be honest I couldn't of anything more important to spend that time I give up, other than looking after these special children.  All I can say is that I have seen the most incredible stuff happen. I see first hand what KEF does to not only the kids but also the parents. Sunday club which is for 3 hours every Sunday is the only time the parents get a proper break every week, as well as of course the 3 weeks every year when their kid attends camp. 

I can't put the experiences I had in the two camps that I have attended into words...the feeling of accomplishment that I got after camp and the amazing time I had on camp is just amazing.

However, all that I mentioned above and more, can only take place because of people like you...KEF really needs your money for camps, sunday club, out-of-school activities, recreational events, shabbatonim and more.

So I am appealing to you to sponsor me generously for this incredible organisation.

Thanks so much!!!

Daniel Wormser




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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£50.00 28/05/2018 Andrew Berman
£36.00 28/05/2018 Amos Wittenberg Sorry for the late contribution. You're on your bike right now. But you always get on your bike! You are an example for your peers.
£72.00 28/05/2018 Anonymous
£20.00 27/05/2018 JJ Adler
£31.25 27/05/2018 Nicole Duke Wishing you hatzlacha for this Amaizing ride and great choice of charity
£35.00 27/05/2018 Pierre Wormser
£100.00 27/05/2018 Gerald Lewin
£50.00 27/05/2018 Guy Wormser
£40.00 24/05/2018 Samuel Maierovits Good luck and enjoy the ride!
£10.00 23/05/2018 Josh Cantor
£18.00 22/05/2018 Michael Wechsler Good luck - Michael Wechsler
£10.00 22/05/2018 Sam Kruskal Best of luck!
£10.00 16/05/2018 Eli Sandhaus Daniel!!!! Can’t wait to meet you in TC!!!
£36.00 16/05/2018 Rafi Yellon Doniel you're amazing!! You make me so proud and an inspiration to us all!!!
£36.00 15/05/2018 Anonymous Keep up all your amazing work. Enjoy the ride.
£22.50 13/05/2018 Jonathan Rabson well done you - a great cause
£18.00 09/05/2018 Joey Deutch
£50.00 02/05/2018 David Rosenthal
£50.00 27/04/2018 sam rosenthal
£31.25 19/04/2018 Michael Woolf Good luck with your effort for this amazing cause.

Michael & Ineke
£40.00 18/04/2018 Alan Clayman
£50.00 11/04/2018 Michael Rosenthal
£10.00 26/03/2018 Ian Beider
£45.00 26/03/2018 Anonymous
£12.50 22/03/2018 Anonymous Keep going Daniel - thanks for the boots! Kept me well warm...

£101.00 21/03/2018 P Rothem
£72.18 18/03/2018 trev leigh if you get bit tired, ring 613 cars!
£25.00 16/03/2018 Isaac Lerman Be brave , well done !
£45.00 15/03/2018 Anonymous good luck
£50.00 14/03/2018 Anonymous
£10.00 14/03/2018 Anonymous
£100.00 12/03/2018 Maurice Golker
£62.50 08/03/2018 Alexandre Gehler Daniel!

Good luck and well done for this amazing project!

All the best,
Sara & Alex
£22.50 07/03/2018 benjamin rietti Hatslacha raba !!
£180.00 06/03/2018 Anonymous
£18.00 05/03/2018 sara wittenberg
£25.00 28/02/2018 Anonymous
£36.00 27/02/2018 Anonymous Kol hakavod to the best Mizvah boy!
We love you!!
£18.00 25/02/2018 Anonymous Wow! Well done for all your amazing achievements.
£54.00 20/02/2018 Michel Gehler Daniel! Enjoy the ride and keep up your fantastic work and enthusiasm!
£100.00 08/02/2018 Anonymous Keep up your amazing work.

Good luck with the cycle!
£180.00 07/02/2018 Rivka Ullmann
£36.00 07/02/2018 Anonymous
£100.00 07/02/2018 Anonymous To Daniel.

Thanks for all the wonderful work that you do. Especially with 'G'.

From his grateful Mum and grandparents!
£18.00 06/02/2018 Betzalel Gluck Well Done and Good Luck !! x
£12.50 05/02/2018 Anonymous keep up all your amazing work. such a big mitzvah you do and kindly give of your.
£18.00 05/02/2018 Anonymous Daniel
(and everyone at the wonderful KEF)
Thanks so much!!!

PS That’s me In the photo with the amazing Daniel! :-)
£36.00 05/02/2018 M H Lerner To Daniel and all the other amazing KEF people. Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!
Moishe & Pam
£62.50 05/02/2018 Anonymous
£200.00 04/02/2018 jacqueline ullmann tremendous work you are doing.
I am so proud of you!
£45.00 04/02/2018 Helene Turner
£50.00 04/02/2018 Anonymous Well done for taking on the challenge and good luck