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It’s tough.
I get it, I really do. I mean, who would want to drive 100km, let alone ride it? And then the chain comes off, or the gears jam, and you need to stick your hands into that oily mess, hoping you don’t cut off your fingers while you try to fix the problem. It gets cold, and wet, and windy, and who knows what double-wall tyres are anyway?! And that’s before you need to think about that TERRIBLE lycra…
Not fun.
But sometimes… It’s worth it.
Like for KEF. KEF, who have made a difference to over 90 families. Who run after-school clubs, Sunday activities, shabbatons, two annual camps. Who built the KEF centre, a purpose-built place for the kids of KEF to thrive in. KEF- who are relying on the funds raised at this year’s Bike4Kef, which is currently way below target.
So why not join me- get behind and give a push. Either literally, or financially, by sponsoring me TODAY. Whatever you choose, together we can make amazing things happen!

So come on, dig DEEEEEEP and give whatever you can manage, almost guaranteed olam habah, its absolutely worth it. You give/gain, I ride, KEF benefits!!!! #justdoit #kenken #givawayyoursalary (why not??)


KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.


This rider hasnt ridden before
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£20.00 27/05/2018 YM Rockmill
£30.00 27/05/2018 Moshe Wiesenfeld
£10.00 27/05/2018 Keeva Sanger Good luck Effy
£100.00 27/05/2018 Benny Groszman Fab letter.

Be matzliach.

£10.00 25/05/2018 Shragi Deblinger
£36.00 25/05/2018 Motti Rosenblum
£10.00 25/05/2018 Uncle Motti Ata kochav!!
£18.00 25/05/2018 Uncle Shmu If you pile up penny upon penny just imagine who will be taller!!!
£50.00 24/05/2018 Ari . As we say... The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. We're proud of ya!
Luv ur fave uncle and aunt!
A & S
£50.00 24/05/2018 daniel klein
£18.00 24/05/2018 J & R Kaye Who could ignore a letter like that!!
Hatzlocha with the ride!
The Kayes
£72.00 24/05/2018 Safta Wiesenfeld
£18.00 24/05/2018 Anonymous Best of luck
Thanks for always taking me out on Thursdays
Motti Jacobsen
£20.00 24/05/2018 Moti Hekelman Good luck
£18.00 24/05/2018 Gershon Freilich
£100.00 24/05/2018 Shmulik Halpern Seeing that you are representing all the lazy wiesies you deserve nothing less
£10.00 24/05/2018 Zevi Heller ***RIDER COMMENT Oi Mate, you LEGEND, come on you can do it, BOSSSSSSS!!!***
£75.00 24/05/2018 Zeidi
£75.00 24/05/2018 Bubbi
£36.00 23/05/2018 Anonymous
£45.00 22/05/2018 Adina Morris Very impressed with your original sponsorship request letter - does kefoffice offer such a service to all riders?! Good luck and have fun!!
£5.00 08/05/2018 rafi harris
£20.00 08/05/2018 Avrumi Wiesenfeld
£62.50 01/05/2018 Melanie Jawett Wishing you loads of luck and success for this wonderful cause. Hope the sun shines on you
Best wishes, Melanie, Michael, Phoebe & Lucy Jawett
£18.00 26/04/2018 Betzalel Gluck You legend!!
£10.00 24/04/2018 Pinky Sanger Well done Efi and good luck!
Thanks for all your help always!
£62.50 17/04/2018 Anonymous Good Luck
£14.00 14/03/2018 Doniel Kraus ***RIDER NOTE: Received with grateful thanks to all those who buy wraps, hot-dogs and waffles. You guys are amazing and should continue purchasing!! #6thform #commonroom!!!! Ken Ken!!
£72.00 12/03/2018 Amos Wittenberg Opa is so proud of Efi!
£20.00 09/03/2018 Shira Leigh Good luck Efi!!
I am sure you'll be great!
Bit jealous that you can do this and I can't...
£3.50 07/03/2018 Dudi Wittenberg I hate you so I am giving you £3.50
£36.00 06/03/2018 Dov Harris
£5.00 06/03/2018 Belzer Einikel ***RIDER NOTE
Lichvod Moreinu Harav, Hayakor hachoshuv, Reb Shimon Yehuda, Belzer Einikel, who has sweated for the last few days selling Roma's and Lungo's, always being careful to send money to Gabal Musa. Shkoiyach!!!
£36.00 05/03/2018 sara wittenberg
£225.00 04/03/2018 Anonymous For all the miles you walk to the Royal Free Hospital on shabbos
£18.00 03/03/2018 Jeremy Leigh Hatzlocho Rabbo - You have done so much for KEF, and now you are taking on even more! IYH you will fly through this ride and raise your sponsorship with ease. Very proud of you. J&G and girls.
£18.00 03/03/2018 Anonymous From MG - well done!
£5.00 02/03/2018 Yael Wittenberg Good luck to the best bro EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£5.00 02/03/2018 Anonymous
£40.00 02/03/2018 Anonymous
£84.50 02/03/2018 Anonymous
£36.00 02/03/2018 Moishe Lisser
£54.00 02/03/2018 Anonymous
£110.00 02/03/2018 Purim
£36.00 02/03/2018 Aryeh Melinek
£50.00 02/03/2018 Frances Yentis
£36.00 02/03/2018 Anonymous Best wishes

Philip & Shirley Caplan
£12.50 28/02/2018 Yehuda Wittenberg testing
£12.50 28/02/2018 Anonymous testing credit card
£18.00 13/02/2018 Charles Dick
£18.00 13/02/2018 David Kahan Effi - you have lots of rich friends😘
£36.00 11/02/2018 Marc Rogoff Very impressive!
£100.00 02/02/2018 Yehuda and Michal Wittenberg Best of luck from the proudest papa and mama!!
£5.00 02/02/2018 Anonymous Just to start off...