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Dear all,

This May bank holiday, instead of having my nose stuck inside a book and revising for my exams (where I should be) I will be completing the hardest challenge I have ever set out to do – the Bike4Kef 100mile ride!

As a Kef counsellor, I have witnessed, first-hand, the endless work the trustees and administrative staff undertake in order for Kef to run as smoothly as it does. Whether it is for the amazing summer/winter camps, chol-hamoed outing, Sunday clubs, etc., everything is meticulously planned and organised. 

I first joined the Kef family in December 2016 for my first winter camp. At the age of just 15, I got onto the party bus at Tesco car park and off I went - I had no idea what I was getting myself into! After a week of looking after the most amazing kid I was shattered; physically and emotionally drained.  Of course it was the most difficult venture I have ever had to accomplish, having to constantly provide care and attention and not being able to leave his side for even a minute but, despite this I had had the most unbelievable experience. Moreover, because of this, not a week has gone by where I haven’t been involved in Kef in some form.

Many a time, parents have approached me to thank me for the precious respite and time I have given them by taking their child out. Whether it be on a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday night, any free time these hard-working parents get is a huge life saver. One personal experience I had was one night last February. It was a Wednesday night and I, together with another counsellor, took a kid bowling as a one off. When we dropped the kid back at home, his ‘super-parents’ thanked us and told us it was the first time in nearly 6 months that they had sat down together during a weekday and ate supper together as a couple. I went home, sat on my bed for about half-an-hour contemplating on what they had just told me. It is these small opportunities of respite that I am able to give these Kef families opportunities to do the washing, to go shopping, to eat dinner and, most importantly, to focus on their other children.

 I feel as though I am part of these families and we are all together are part of the extended Kef family. Therefore, I am duty-bound to assist in raising much needed funds for this prodigious charity and family to continue the incredible work they do.

Please support me in my endeavours to continue to be part of the astonishing family that is Kef

Best regards,

Zev Bloom



KEF is a Jewish, London-based, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK. KEF provides out-of-school activities, recreational events, residential trips and sleep-away camps.


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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£125.00 11/06/2018 David Monheit
£25.00 30/05/2018 Anonymous Well done Zev
£50.00 30/05/2018 Danny Lopian
£50.00 29/05/2018 Jeremy Golker Well done!

Best wishes
£180.00 29/05/2018 R Rosenthal
£180.00 28/05/2018 Anonymous Well Done!
£18.00 28/05/2018 Anonymous TUS
£3.00 28/05/2018 Eliezer Halberstadt
£3.00 28/05/2018 Biny Bloom
£5.00 28/05/2018 Anonymous
£50.00 28/05/2018 Benjamin Conway Go Zev !
£50.00 27/05/2018 Raphi Schachter
£100.00 27/05/2018 I Weiler
£36.00 27/05/2018 Jordan Belfort
£36.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£104.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£36.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£360.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous Very proud of you Mr Zev
£500.00 27/05/2018 Abe Rosenfield Our hero!!
£67.07 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£18.00 27/05/2018 Sara Schwartz You go Zev!!
£18.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous Good luck Zev...
£18.00 27/05/2018 B Steinbock
£50.00 27/05/2018 N Vogel
£50.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£25.00 27/05/2018 Gavriel Jaeger Go Zev Go!
£18.00 27/05/2018 Eytan Weisz
£18.00 27/05/2018 Doniel Goldberg
£180.00 27/05/2018 Ben Shooter
£25.00 27/05/2018 Avi Glauszius
£100.00 27/05/2018 M Abadi
£85.00 27/05/2018 Zev Bloom
£500.00 27/05/2018 The Hasmonean Tzedakah Department .
£10.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous Good luck Reb Ze"ev
£225.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous
£10.00 27/05/2018 Shraga Zaltzman Go Zev!
£18.00 27/05/2018 Anonymous To make sure you stay at the top
£18.00 27/05/2018 E Samet
£100.00 27/05/2018 Y Sorotzkin
£10.00 26/05/2018 Elie Simon Noice one Zev
£1,800.00 26/05/2018 Anonymous Good luck from ICT
£100.00 26/05/2018 Gavriel Cohen
£180.00 25/05/2018 Lissie Morris
£4,500.00 25/05/2018 Anonymous Good Luck from ICT
£100.00 25/05/2018 M Abadi Ok
£72.00 24/05/2018 Eli S Wish you all the best Zev.
£100.00 24/05/2018 Manny Weisz
£50.00 24/05/2018 Motti Richman
£50.00 24/05/2018 Eli Kesselman
£50.00 24/05/2018 Yitzchok Cymerman It doesn't matter if you come in's the participation that counts! Hatzlocho Rabbo!
£25.00 24/05/2018 David Finn
£120.00 24/05/2018 Shevach Jay
£90.00 23/05/2018 Anonymous Good luck!
£22.50 23/05/2018 Adina Morris Have fun - and hope you keep your status on the leaders board , well done!!
£180.00 23/05/2018 Samuel Monheit
£180.00 23/05/2018 Daniella Rogosnitzky Well done Zev!
£50.00 23/05/2018 Anonymous Zev- not just a runner, a cyclist too !!
Good luck. Efrat and Zvi
£50.00 22/05/2018 Yitzi Kaplan Good luck

£36.00 18/05/2018 PINI ROSENBLUM FOR ALL THE SHABBOSSIM (and other occasions)



£100.00 18/05/2018 Jonathan Amouyal Kol akavod!
£10.00 17/05/2018 Anonymous
£36.00 17/05/2018 Anonymous
£25.00 16/05/2018 Philip Goldberg Philip & Suzy
£125.00 15/05/2018 Jonathan Hodes
£90.00 14/05/2018 Uri Goldberg
£100.00 30/04/2018 Eli Glauszius
£72.00 30/04/2018 Dov Nevies
£180.00 29/04/2018 Hershi Stimler
£300.00 27/04/2018 Grandpa Alfie Frei
£50.00 26/04/2018 Betzalel Gluck
£2,041.80 26/04/2018 Purim 2018 Bloom
£929.88 26/04/2018 David Bloom
£18.00 26/04/2018 Moshe Joshua
£100.00 26/04/2018 Gary Philips
£500.00 26/04/2018 Abe R
£5.00 23/04/2018 Anonymous zev i think your amazing for taking on this incredible initiative and doing the bike ride for kef. kol hakovod
i really hope it goes smoothly and well for you.
will be thinking of you when it takes place
i hope that you will be one of the first at the finish line
from someone at camp kef
£180.00 21/03/2018 PB K
£18.00 12/03/2018 Danny ENGLARD Reb ZEIV!!!!

All those shabbos afternoons...
You are a seriously committed guy in all you do; Kef, Tzedakah dep etc....
Hope to be on many more camps with you!

£36.00 11/03/2018 Anonymous
£250.00 06/03/2018 Anonymous
£120.00 06/03/2018 Maurice Golker
£101.00 06/03/2018 Sony Douer Wishing you all the best, from Sharon & Sony
£31.25 05/03/2018 Mark Summerfield Well done Zev!!! Good luck.

Love the Summerfields
£90.00 02/03/2018 David Rosenberg
£100.00 02/03/2018 Avi Levy
£62.50 02/03/2018 Keith Breslauer What an amazing thing to do for such a worthy cause. Good luck!!
£1,000.00 01/03/2018 S H Tandem 😂😂😂
£50.00 28/02/2018 daniel lyons
£100.00 27/02/2018 avrumi feld
£100.00 25/02/2018 Anonymous
£100.00 23/02/2018 Grandpa C Bloom
£180.00 16/02/2018 Ruvi Bloom
£50.00 16/02/2018 JONATHAN PERL
£250.00 15/02/2018 Sam Vecht
£50.00 12/02/2018 Anonymous Enjoy Zev